/4 Methods For Cleaning Nose after Rhinoplasty Surgery?
Cleaning nose after Rhinoplasty Surgery

4 Methods For Cleaning Nose after Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Looks hold great importance to each one of us. Nose, as we know, is the most prominent facial feature and also the one that catches the attention on others. If the shape and size of your nose are not in proportion with rest of the facial features, even the most beautiful features might lose their attention.

Those who want to have a well-shaped nose can now undergo Rhinoplasty Surgery. It is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. The results of this surgery are outstanding. A large number of people across the globe go undergo this procedure to get the attractive nose.

Even though nose surgery is not a major medical procedure, it is important to choose an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon. If not performed by a trained, experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeon, it can lead to adverse results. Do not choose a surgeon simply because of the low fee. Make sure you check the credentials of the plastic surgeon before choosing the one. Healing and recovery are two crucial aspects of this procedure and a lot depends on the approach of the surgeon.

In most cases, the body is naturally capable of shedding debris and healing without any kind of external help. However, it is possible to expedite the process of healing with gentle intervention.

Following the nose surgery, you along with attendant would be given proper and detailed cleaning instructions to help you guide so that you can clean your nose without causing any type of disruption to the healing tissue. Here are some of the most common items that are recommended by plastic surgeons as part of the cleaning protocol starting the day following the nose surgery.


It is an ointment that is typically used for softening any hardened blood or blood clots as well as to prevent further infection. You might make use of a cotton swab for liberally spreading the polysporin ointment on the inside of the nostrils each time cleaning nose after rhinoplasty surgery using hydrogen peroxide, two times every day, morning and night will make you feel comfy.

Removing Clots

Right after the surgery, your nose might become blocked by hardened mucous or blood clots causing a blockage of the airway. The block triggers activation of oral breathing that is breathing through the mouth and laboured breathing. Do not remove the clot by blowing the nose or manually removing by a cotton swab or a finger. Instead, you should use saline to help loosen it that would also keep the lining moist.

Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide and Q-Tip-best method for cleaning nose after rhinoplasty surgery

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most commonly used antiseptic substance for cleaning nose after rhinoplasty surgery. This specific agent can destroy most of the common pathogenic organisms. It might be sold in pharmacies as a peroxide solution, or dihydrogen dioxide at concentrations of nearly 30 percent.

A cotton swab moistened with hydrogen peroxide can be easily inserted gently into the nostril for removing any mucous and dried blood. However, do not use the cotton swab if packing is placed inside your nostril as it might alter your nasal shape by dislocating the material into your nostrils. Make sure you use a mirror while performing this step so that you can see where you are directing the cotton swab and avoid any accidents.

Wash with normal saline

Nasal irrigation with saline water can be used for cleaning nose after rhinoplasty surgery. The usage of saline spray would help irrigate nasal package thus keeping it moist, while also helps in relieving nasal congestion. Most plastic surgeons in India recommend using 2 squirts per nostril, four times a day.

One week to ten days following the nose surgery, your sutures and splint would be removed. This will make easier for you to wash your face including your nose. Following these tips would help you in keeping nose after the rhinoplasty surgery.

It is important to note that adhering the instructions given by the plastic surgeon will help you achieve the best-desired results. Also, make sure you visit the doctor as and when asked.  To conclude, you can achieve the desired results provided you follow the instructions suggested by the cosmetic surgeon.

cleaning nose after rhinoplasty surgery