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Best online shopping apps

Best Online Shopping apps

To make you feel better in this era of pandemic, I have listed some of the best online shopping apps. According to a fact written in Grabon, In the U.S. an average woman having an income of $65000 spends $400 per year for online shopping, interesting no? That’s a waste of a lot of money though, still people love shopping. That’s why I have picked the most trendy online shopping apps for you to explore and spend your hard earned money. 


This online shopping app has a vast collection of apparels and many useful things. Apparels are the USP of Myntra, you will find clothes under all categories. They always update their website according to the new trend, season, occasion etc. It has a rating of 4.3 star on google play store and 100 million plus downloads. Some features of Myntra are listed below, 

  • They sell original products.
  • Easy 30 days exchange and return.
  • You can easily track your order from the app.
  •  They provide hassle- free shopping. 
  •  You can get gift cards for your family and friends whenever you are confused     about what to give them.
  •  You can get extra discount on your first shopping and also free delivery so hurry and download the app asap.

2. Amazon

You all know that the richest person of the Earth is the owner of this company and you can conclude from it that something must be very special about this shopping app. It is one of the best online shopping apps. I don’t know if you have noticed or not but its logo tells us about its superiority as it has a arrow which points from A to Z which means that this app contains everything. Some of its features are listed below, 

best online shopping apps
  • It is a user friendly app. 
  • It has very good customer care support and maybe the largest in the world.
  • Very fast delivery service. 


This app has emerged as one of the most loved shopping app. You will get everything here, from clothes to electronics and all the appliances. So your search for the best online shopping app ends here. Some of its amazing features are, 

  • You will get notifications according to your choice and cart.
  • It has all the top brands.
  • Great customer care support.

 4. Ajio-

I think some of you may not have heard about this app but I have used this app and I was surprised that it has a classy collection of clothes. You will be getting clothes,  accessories which are in trend. It has some exciting features as this one is my favorite and one of the best online shopping apps. 

best online shopping apps
  • You will look trendy when you wear its clothes.
  • They have an easy 30 day return policy.
  • very fast delivery service.   

5. Ebay-

This app isn’t used by many but you will start using it if I tell you about its wonderful features. It is also like amazon as it has all the categories of things from clothes to furniture and appliances to electronics, so what are you waiting for? Go and checkout its features by downloading it from the Playstore. Some of the features I have listed below, 

  • They have so many offers on their products.
  • It has good ratings and reviews. 
  • This app is very trustworthy. 

 6. Flipkart –

If you are a shopaholic then you must have this app in your phone right now and 100’s of favorite items on the Wishlist. But if you have not used this app then my dear friend you are missing something amazing. It has a huge collection of 80 crore products and that’s why I love this app as in my opinion this is one of the best online shopping apps. Some of its features are,


best online shopping apps
  • It contains many filters for an easy going search.
  •  You will get a good quality product at a very low price. 
  •  Easy 30 days return policy.

 7. Aliexpress-

It is a Chinese company and its owner is also a millionaire. It has a collection of millions of products. You just think of anything and it’s there  on there list, So go on and buy whatever you want from Aliexpress. Its main features are, 

best online shopping apps
  • They provide free shipping for many products which is very uncommon these days. 
  • They provide buyer protection. 

8. Indiamart-

This app is more of a market place than an online shopping app. It is a B2B platform which allows buyer and sellers to fulfill their business. You will be shocked to know its amazing features, some of them are, 

  • You will get many deals which will increase your sales.
  • If you are a businessman then this site is a goto site for you. 
  • It has a very good rating of 4.6.

 9. Limeroad-

It has a wide variety of apparels and accessories. You can improve your lifestyle by using this app as it provides you with everything. Some of its features are, 

  • Easy and great user experience. 
  • They provide LR points whenever we purchase something which we can use in future. 
  • It has customized wishlist. 

 10. OLX –

Last but not least, this is one of the best online shopping apps. You can both buy and sell in this app. Some of its features are, 

  • You can find 2nd hand products near you. 
  •  You can sell anything here. 
  •  You will get the market price in this app for your product.