/6 Best anime streaming sites for watching anime online

6 Best anime streaming sites for watching anime online

The word anime means Japanese animated production which incredibly becomes famous in American and European countries and that’s why anime streaming sites are very popular nowadays.

People are too fond of its fascinating plots, fabulous scenes, imaginative character and really love to watch anime online on anime steaming sites besides everything else. 

Moreover, there are numerous high-quality anime streaming sites where you can find various collections of anime episodes, movies, and music.

So here I have the curated list of websites to watch anime online and this site offers the fans nice watching experience:

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6 online anime Streaming sites to watch anime online:

1. 9anime.to

This is among the leading anime site to watch HD English dubbed anime online. If you want to download and build the collection of your anime episodes you can download in high resolutions. The main reason why fans choose this site over other sites because there are no interrupting ads before playing. You can search for anime by rate, genre or type, and comment. 

2. Gogoanime

Gogoanime has lots of top anime which is available for free. It is a well-organized website and famous due to diversified content across the genre. 

This site features tons of collection from manga series to anime films. You can have a nice watching experience which includes dubbed English episodes and cartoons clips in English. 

3. Kissanime.ru

Kissanime is the king of top anime which has the highest number of fans and is rated high in popularity among anime buffs. The site is optimized to consume low bandwidth and uploads anime series in a consistent manner in every possible quality similar to that of youtube. 

4. Animefreak.tv

Animefreak is a stunning anime site to watch anime for free which really has a bright and colorful Japanese style home page. You can find newly released animes, latest episodes of animes title of your choice and anime movies. However, it may be not among the prime contenders because there are lots of ads popping around, which can be annoying.

5. Chia-ani me.tv

Chia-anime is another excellent site with great content. The best thing about this online streaming site is that the update frequency of the series is super fast. They have a huge data for you for online streaming. The genre list is very interesting, some of them are comedy, drama, horror, adventure, erotic etc. which you will enjoy for sure.

6. Animeseason.com

AnimeSeason is the popular website and among the best at delivering a user-centric experience to its customers. This site has a unique feature like they sort their popular anime list based on user reviews. There are no unnecessary ads which make the user really annoying. Everything is well organized and categorized on the basis of the latest anime episodes, anime recommendation, rating of anime shows and much more. 


There is a plethora of anime downloading websites available on the internet. This anime streaming website is best at delivering the user-centric experience with a wide collection of movies, shows, and cartoons in free. Many of the above websites enable us to filter by year, language and quality etc. so if you want to be entertained by some easygoing anime streaming sites the please try these asap.

Piece of advice

When you open these sites you will get a lot of popup ads and some of the ads will take you to some illegal sites so don’t click those ads because they have been put there by hackers to hack your system’s data and in case if you have clicked that so to save you from this I suggest you to use a good antivirus in your system.