Planning a weekend getaway is fun, but tricky at times, because when you are unsure of a place, you do not know how long you would actually need to invest to thoroughly enjoy the place. With some wrong assessment, a full day of your ‘weekend getaway’ can easily be wasted in travelling, which is why here are the top spots near Delhi you will not more than 5 hours to reach.

Everyone needs a break from life every now and then, especially people living in the cities going through a monotonous schedule day in and day out. The best respite for people living in cities to escape from their busy and hectic schedule is to take a nice long weekend getaway. There are many places you can easy cover over the weekend from Delhi, not requiring you to take that Monday or Friday off to stretch your weekend. Here are the top weekend getaways from Delhi that takes you less than 5 hours to reach by road.Chandigarh


Distance and time taken – 240 km, 3 hours 40 minutes
A weekend getaway need not be confined to hill stations alone. You can take a trip to Chandigarh, the best planned city in India. You will be surprised to see the organised and well planned out streets of Chandigarh. Chandigarh is also much cleaner than New Delhi. You can try out the authentic Punjabi food and learn about their culture and tradition first hand. The added benefit to visiting this place as opposed to the other hill stations is that, you can extend your stay and easily catch one of the early morning Chandigarh to Delhi flights to make it to work the very day you reach Delhi.


Distance and time taken – 260 km, 5 hours
Known for its picturesque landscape and serene ambience, the beautiful hill station town of Lansdowne is one place you can visit with your partner, your group of friends or simply by yourself for a solo travel. Take a walk exploring the surrounding back-forests filled with pine and oak trees, trekking trails, boating or simply sitting down for a bird watching sessions are some of the things you can do while on your trip to Lansdowne.Neemrana


Distance and time taken – 130 km, 2 hours 30 minutes
One of the closest destinations you can head to from Delhi, Neemrana is a small town well known for none other than the majestic Neemrana Fort. The Fort has now been made into a luxurious hotel where visitors can stay and spend the night at, which makes a visit to this place even more alluring. The majestic view of the beautiful ruins will trigger an emotion deep down that is, fair to say, something which does not come by frequently.


Distance and time taken – 240 km, 5 hours
When the biggest pop sensation of the century travelled halfway across the globe during their glory days to visit one place, you know it has to be special. Yes, we are talking none other than the famous story of ‘The Beatles’ paying a visit to Rishikesh. While most Hindus visit the place for spiritual enlightening and some for the fun outdoor activities, most of them visit to sit in the very spot Lennon and Mccartney once sat.

A visit to these spots can easily be fitted within the two day weekend window you get at the end of the week to make up for a perfect weekend getaway holiday!