/5 Types Of Designer Jewellery That India Is Famous For

5 Types Of Designer Jewellery That India Is Famous For

India has always been known for its gold in the past. In the ancient days, India had so much gold in its mines that it was called ‘the golden bird’. Not just that, India has seen gold to be a very important part of our heritage that dates back to over five thousand years. The oldest of temples and sculptures that have been found in our country also suggests that the queens and the idols were adorned with lots and lots of jewellery. And even today after about 5000 years, women still take a lot of pride and happiness in wearing gold ornaments. It is one such tradition that isn’t going away so easy.

The string of festivals have just begun and women already have started planning on how much are they going to spend on their jewellery. But, with such busy times, how many of us actually have the time to go from shop to shop for jewellery shopping? I guess none of us anymore. This problem can be sorted with the help of online jewellery stores.

These days all the much prestigious jewellery brands have opened out online stores to wider their horizons and to make jewellery shopping easier and more accessible for women. But, wait a minute. Before you go on your online shopping spree I would like to tell you about the 5 main jewellery types of designs that is offered by the jewellery designers. This classification is ought to make your work easier:

1.       Meenakari jewellery- the meenakari style is a jewellery technique that has gold designs with nature inspired designs. For instance animals, flowers, leaves etc. It also involves colourful enamel dusts that give the jewellery a very bright and colourful look.

2.       Jadau/ jadtar jewellery- this style of jewellery uses precious or semi-precious gems tones, crystals, glass beads and pearls in its unique form of making. This kind of jewellery making was mainly introduced by the Mughals in India.

3.       Polki jewellery- in polki form of jewellery making uncut diamonds are used that are directly taken from the mines in its natural and purest form and they do not undergo any other sort of enhancement or processing. These happen to be very costly as it is mostly a combination of pure gold and unrefined diamonds.

4.       Kundan jewellery- the literal meaning of kundan is pure gold. This style of jewellery uses high quality of molten gold to give exceptional results. It uses colourful gems, pearls or even glass for its setting. It is very popular in Rajasthan.

5.       Filigree jewellery- also commonly known as telkari jewellery which means wire work jewellery, this style uses delicate threads of gold and silver that are fused and bent together to create intricate designs that resemble delicate laceworks. Orissa happens to be the hub for this kind of jewellery work.

I hope this list of different types of designer jewellery helps all you women out there. All you have to do is decide which one you wish to own!