/Coming Out of Your Shell: 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone
Why Travelling Alone is Good

Coming Out of Your Shell: 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone

If you’re burnt out from your daily life, you might want to consider taking a break for a while. Traveling is a great way to relieve yourself of the daily stress, and it also lets you see places that you haven’t seen before.

Some people prefer traveling in groups because there are fewer chances of getting lost. You also have companions so it might be fun to travel with a lot of people. However, it’s also great to travel alone. Some might say that traveling alone can get lonely, but it’s not. Here are ten reasons why you should try traveling alone on your next trip.

You can Control your own Time

If you travel with a group, you have to do activities together which can consume a lot of time. Doing group activities means that you might not be able to do the things that you want because you have to stick with the rest of the group.

You can go wherever you want at your most convenient time and not worry about anyone else but yourself. You can spend your time on the activities that you enjoy because you have total control of your time.

You can Decide your Itinerary

Traveling alone means that you don’t have to continually ask people if they can do specific activities with you, or check what the activities are for that day. You get to decide your activities. If you change your mind along the way, it’s fantastic since you don’t have to worry about anyone else.

You can save Money

Travel Alone Benefits - Saving Money

It’s possible that you can save money on fare and hotels when you travel in a group, but you can also save a lot of money when you travel alone. If you’re on a tight budget, try scouting for discounted tours or package deals from sites like Deal Wiki.

If you’re spending only for yourself, this means that you can do more activities. Traveling alone lets you do your own thing while paying less.

You can Meet More People

Traveling solo allows you to meet different people. Other people tend to approach people who are traveling alone than those who are traveling with a group. Also, local people tend to give more help to those who travel alone. Other travelers can also help you out if they’re already familiar with the country or place.

You’ll Know Yourself Better

Travel Alone benefits - You can be Yourself

Traveling alone allows you to be more connected to yourself. You don’t have a constant companion on your trip, so you need to make your own choices and decisions. Having friends is great, but it means following the decisions of others most of the time. When you travel alone, you are in control of your whole trip.

You can also test the limits of your capabilities and see just how much you can do. You have nobody to depend on, only yourself.

You can be Creative in Solving Problems

Your trip might not be smooth-sailing all the time. You might encounter some difficulties along the way which you haven’t experienced before. These kinds of situations can force you to improvise and think creatively about how to solve your problem.

You can’t rely on other people to decide for you since you’re alone, so you have to solve the problems by yourself. Don’t limit yourself to the usual solutions and expand your horizons.

You can Break Free From your Comfort Zone

Traveling alone is a challenge to yourself. Your home and office might be your safe space. When you’re out there, you’re out of your comfort zone. You have to take some risks along the way to make things work.

It might not be very comfortable to have to explain to locals where you’re headed or do physical activities like hiking or diving.These experiences might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but you’re going to learn a lot from it.

You can Learn a lot of Things

If you’re traveling to another country, you’ll meet people who speak the local language. It’ll be easier for you if you learn the basic greetings and short phrases so you can communicate better with the locals if you need help.

You can also learn the country’s culture and history. It’s fascinating to study because it might be entirely different from your own culture. You might also be surprised to see some familiar traditions and practices.

You’ll Learn how to Deal with People

Not everyone that you’ll meet on your trip is pleasant and friendly. Some can be cranky or unapproachable. You’ll learn how to deal with these kinds of people if you travel alone. It will teach you how to be patient and understanding when other people aren’t.

You can Collect Memories Along the Way

You can take pictures of the places that you have visited so you’ll have lasting memories of your vacation. You can do this when traveling with a group, but the feeling is different when you go solo. You have a stronger connection to the places that you have visited because your vacation is an intimate experience.


It’s not easy going out from your comfort zone, but traveling alone has a lot of benefits such as learning how to deal with various situations and dealing with different types of people. You’ll get to spend time with yourself and do activities you enjoy.

Spending money on a solo vacation is worth it because you’ll learn a lot of things about other people and most importantly, about yourself.

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