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VPN Buying Guide

With an increase in the aggressive policies of government to track and log browsing activities, Cybercrimes, and data-theft incidents, it has become the need of the hour protect your online identity.
To serve this purpose, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) comes handy. VPN is a remote network of highly encrypted and secured servers employing a full-disk encryption through which devices connect to the internet. This system zeroes in on your anonymity over the web. This is how-

The website embedded with tracking codes can only see the IP address of the VPN router, not your device’s. Similarly, your ISP will only see the IP address of VPN router your device is connected to, not the website you are browsing through it.
Most VPNs employ an Open source client, OpenVPN, to tunnel connect you to their service.
VPN Buying Guide-Must check before buying a VPN
Currently, there is a flood of companies offering VPNs, but which one is the best? Read to know what all you should be knowing and looking at before hitting that SIGNUP button-
Log-keeping is outrightly an act of keeping evidence against you:
If your VPN provider is keen on maintaining the record of your browsing habits and activities over the internet, he is not anonymizing you entirely.
This is similar to those who write a diary regularly. The day their diary is compromised, they are compromised.
In light of the federal rules and regulations, you are not going to be safe either in case your VPN provider stumbles upon any misadventure if it is keeping logs of your every online activity.
Observe the overall attitude of your VPN provider regarding your privacy:
A VPN provider, committed to your privacy and anonymity is characterized through these stances-
  • Offers an anonymous method of payment like Bitcoin using a disposable email address.
  • Hell-bent on discarding all the billing and card information once the transaction is complete.
  • Provides users with a random and anonymous user ID to manage their account.
  • The scope of details asked for; usually, payment details and email address suffice for the purpose.
Does it allow P2P torrent use?
Torrents are an illegal way of transmitting digital media and insanely infringe copyright guidelines. You need to search for Best free VPNs for torrenting as there are only a few reliable free VPNs. If, you are going to buy VPN mainly for P2P torrent use, be sure to ask if it is okay with its use.
VPN provider’s country and servers should be in a state that doesn’t have a mandatory data-retention policy like Canada, Netherlands, and Luxemburg.
Server Locations:
  • If you want to use country specific services over your VPN, be sure to inquire if its servers are located in that particular
  • Check if the servers are nearby you. The near they are, the better internet speed you get.
VPNs are available at reasonable prices nowadays. It is essential to check out their service either by trying it with a one-month subscription or with a trial period, offered by many top-notch providers. You can then subscribe for longer durations that also benefit you with discounts.
Ease of Use:
Custom VPN clients are way better than the open source OpenVPN client regarding quickly shifting over to other servers and changing the VPN protocol, load and ping times, and auto-reconnect features.
Is its customer support reliable?
Customer support is useful in case you are stuck somewhere in your use. Find out how quick and trusted the customer support is.
You can search for the reviews and feedbacks on a VPN provider on google or in online communities and forums.
VPN protocol and Encryption:
VPN employing L2TP/IPsec or OpenVPN protocol is good to go with.
OpenVPN provides a faster connectivity on desktops while L2TP/IPsec enables you to set it up quickly on mobile devices.
Encryption keys lengthier than 128-bit can slow down the service. 256-bit encryption keys are more than sufficient.
SSTP with its narrow scope of availability, being only on Windows, is not a good choice over OpenVPN.
VPNs ensures your web browsing does not leak your Private information. So, if you are thinking to buy a VPN then make sure it fulfills the above conditions. if you any doubts, Please drop your queries in comments