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Top 5 Games for Iphone

Top 5 Games for iPhone You Should Play

Most of the mobile games support both Android and iOS platform. With the upgrade of iOS now it become more board and support all popular games developed. You owning an iPhone and looking for a game that especially designed for iPhone. There are many sources to download games and apps. App store of Apple is the platform where you will find maximum gaming apps. So here we’ve compiled for you the top 5 games for Iphone to play.
But why you should waste your time in searching for the best games in this apps jungle. With millions of apps and games for iPhone on the web and on store, you might get confuse which need to pick and which are addictive and entertaining. So, here in this content you will get the names of the top 5 games for iPhone which are worthy to download.

Top 5 Games for iPhone

 There are many but here you will get to know about the now top 5 games for iPhone. Depends on reviews and gameplay here I am going to list out the popular and top games for Apple handset. Check the below list.

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is a popular game on which you have to move here and there with map to search Pokémon. It is a known as top best time consuming and addictive game for iPhone. You are surrounded with many Pokémon of different character which you need to hunt going to that location. One of the best things about this game is it has some related apps like Sniper Pokemon, Pokezz, Pokeradaretc which makes the gameplay easier and more fun to catch new pokemons. Its inbuilt map that gets integrates with your mobile GPS that shows where are Pokemons.

Super Mario

It is another game that you must try. It is a game that runs smoothly on all mobile platforms and fits well on iPhone. In this game you have to run through a route and need to collect more and more coins. This game comes with many routes which you can choose and each level can be played several times in order to collect more coins. The interface and gameplay of this game is awesome which you will love playing on iPhone.

To the moon

This game is first released for PC and later due to its huge popularity, later it get released for iOS platform. The story of this game is unique where two scientists who plunge into the mind of died patient to fulfill their wishes. It is a best role play game for iPhone which you defiantly love to play. It is a fully story driven game with many adventurous features which will make you addicted shortly.


It is another role play and also a best game to play on your iPhone device. It is also a story based and a role play game where you need to save your friends. You and your friends unknowingly get trapped in a military island. You will play the role of Alex who needs to save all lives and help them to safely escape form this mysterious island.


It is a puzzle game that especially developed for iPhone. Those who love to solve puzzle surely will love to play and to solve different puzzle in this game. It is a very obsessive game that you can play while on journey or in a long queue.
Many games are developed for iPhone and you have many choices on web and on leading app store. So, you might get puzzle on choosing the best game. In this content I have listed above Top 5 games for iPhone which are very entertaining and deserve to be on your iPhone.