/5 Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Website Designer
5 Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Website Designer

5 Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Website Designer

Working with the website designers can be a little cumbersome. And if you don’t have any past experience of working with them it deepens the trouble. In this article you will learn how to make sure you get the best possible design from a your designer or developer (whoever you may have).

At the surface, it might seem to be simple. But if you want to get a good work done you may need to go beyond basic SOWs. That way you’re communicating with a person who understands your business and not a robot. Lack of communication often leads to something that is not desired. This happens because the two people are not on the same page. A designer’s failure to deliver you the best results can also be a result of your communication (or lack of it).

Upon working with many clients I realized that all campaigns run at different pace and ease no matter how much similar they are in terms of challenges they face. It all boils down to a simple logical conclusion. Which lies in the difference in the way the two people communicate. One of them being the designer (the static variable) and other being the company representative (the variable X). And just like what happened in mathematics, for every different X the outcome was different. Examples apart dealing with an experienced designer is totally different from solving Maths. And the way in which you deal with it will help you see a beautiful website altogether in the end.

1) Refrain from rushing the process

With a vast number of projects that are coming with tight deadlines, it is second nature for managers and website designer agency owners to put pressure on the website designers to get the thing done on time.

But you need to understand that all good things take time. And to produce results you need to give them. The best approach is to ask the website designer before setting out the deadline for each project.

The longer you give your designer, better will be the final output. Of course, you need to keep the deadlines within a reasonable amount of time, but to set strict deadlines and pressurize your designer is not advisable at any cost.

2) Let the creativeness creep in

One common trait of every website designer has secrecy with their work. Usually, the designers feel comfortable to deliver the finished product. But, unfortunately, this approach leads to problems.
A misunderstood brief can lead to something entirely different. When a web designer is committed to a project, they put heart & brain to the project. And if they came to know that they were wrong all along, this kills their motivation to continue doing the work.

A reasonable approach is to work in alignment with the website designer. You need to keep yourself involved in the initial sketches, mood boards, and the wireframes. Following points mentioned above will ensure that the result is satisfying.

3) When in doubt, Test

There will be a time when you and your designer will disagree with something. Although the designers know more than you, still you have an opinion, and because of this, you need to find that sweet spot. A place where what is going in your mind overlaps with what the designers are trying to create.

If you’re in doubt, that your designer is not able to give you good advice, you can ask him to test the design. If the idea is worth it, everything will be clear. For this, you need to use real users. Pick some of your friends and ask them for feedback about the design. And share that feedback with your designer.

4) See it from a Designer’s perspective

What the modern-day Entrepreneurs mistake is judging the website without actually going through it from every angle.

Schedule a call with your designer and ask him to explain all the elements of the websites. The colors, the shapes, the aesthetics, the spacing, and even the typography of the design.

You might not be able to relate to the design with the same intention that the designer was thinking. So, before judging the website just make sure you know the developer’s perspective of it.

5) The target audience

For this, you need to sit with the designer and give them some understanding. Most of the web designers don’t worry about the target audience. But you need to think about it.
If your designer doesn’t have an idea about your target audience, how will it design the right thing?

Your website designer can think & design most productively. For it is the designer who will mash-up your company goals with the liking of your audience.

To conclude it all

Apparently, this is not the complete list. But following these tips will significantly boost the effectiveness of your website. And in the long run, it will also improve the relationship with your web designer.

Well, this is not all, but if you can follow all of these points, you will be able to establish a strong bond with your client. And in return, you will have the word of mouth that will create a reputation of trust, authenticity, and willingness to go beyond the unchartered territories.

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