Step by Step Guide to Stream Videos from VLC to Chromecast

If you would like to stream all your videos from your computer or Android to enjoy the best quality picture experience,Chromecast is here for you. For them who don’t know about Chromecast, it is a kind of device that is introduced and launched by Google that will help to stream videos and music from your computer, mobile or tablets. You can also get the device online.

Chromecast is also best for those who have the subscription to YouTube, Tubemate, etc. You can also watch videos by connecting to the television. Well, now if you are thinking or trying to stream videos from VLC then it is a little difficult process.

VLC Media player is best of them all to play anything on your mobile. VLC didn’t support streaming videos before. Now after so many efforts of developers, it is possible to stream pictures from VLC.

For streaming videos, you need to upgrade to the new version as the Chromecast only support the latest version. So, while having all the things, go through all the steps below:

1-Connect the dongle of Chromecast to your television on which you’ll see the videos through VLC.

2-Open the internet browser,i.e.,Google Chrome window on your computer. If you don’t have it on your computer, download it.

3-Search for the Google extension and add to the chrome.

4-Now, start your VLC and initiatethe video you would like to stream to Chromecast.

5-Open the new window in the Chrome and in the Google plugin select the option of ‘cast screen.’

6-So, after following all these steps, whichever video is getting played on your VLC will get played on television too via the device of Chromecast.

All the steps were elementary to use, and anyone can do it easily.

What if you don’t want to theplugin? Well, in that case, you canstream music from VLC to Chromecast without Google plugin. This is also the best method to play videos from Android phone to Chromecast.

1-Download the updated version on your computer. Check for the version and download according to that whether 64 bit or 32 bit.

2-Connect the device of Chromecast with your television.

3-In the VLC, go to the menu bar and tap on the option ‘video.’

4-There you’ll see the option ‘Render,’ tap on it. A sub menu list will also show up there, after that tap on the option of the scan, and it will start the scanning process.

5-After finding the option of Chromecast, you can simply tap on it.

6-Play the video you would like to watch on your TV. After doing this, you’ll see the prompt box, just click on view certificates and accept permanently.

Enjoy your video on the big television.

So, these were some of the steps to stream videos from VLC to Chromecast.

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