/CEH Certification – becoming a certified hacker and penetration tester

CEH Certification – becoming a certified hacker and penetration tester

The CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker certification is not a mere on-paper qualification for flaunting on your resume. Many people are of the opinion that the CEH certification examination is just another multiple choice exam session, but what they fail to understand is that the knowledge gained from the complete CEH course curriculum is invaluable and profitable for one’s career.
All about CEH certification

Gaining a CEH Certification is all about sitting for a multiple choice examination, aimed at verifying how much knowledge you have when it comes the overall structure of penetration testing, along with your ability to handle tools and techniques used for the same structure as and when the situation calls for it. The examination’s main focus revolves around equipping the applicants and job seekers with the skill and capability and the credentials required for making a golden career in the IT security industry or sector. The focus of the exam is primarily on three technical job responsibilities:
  • Social engineering and wireless attacks
  • Attacking servers and / or computers
  • Gathering necessary information
The entire concept of the course, the training and the certification is quite impressive. You get to learn how to find loopholes and vulnerabilities in the system, gain access to a number of tools and techniques that might help you to fix these loopholes or secure the server when the situation calls for it. These are perhaps the most important and wondrous aspects of CEH training and certification. By the time you are finished with your training and are sitting for the examination, you will be well acquainted with the knowledge and skill required to decide on and use tools for network security, depending on the situation at hand.
Some misconceptions regarding CEH

If you think that the CEH course is more than enough education you need for becoming an ethical hacker, you are sadly mistaken. The CEH certification is but an entrance into the world of IT security and penetration testing. It is always a good idea to stay ahead in the race, and that is exactly why CEH is the optimum choice for anyone who wants to build a golden career in the world of IT security.
The importance of CEH certification

A certification is not the only testament for ability, skill and talent, but even so, it does come in handy when you want to prove your skill and knowledge in an interview. But dissimilar to other certifications in the market, the CEH certification is a wonderful source for knowledge, which is useful for a practical approach as well, and not only for the examination purpose. The methodology and techniques that you will be taught during the training process, and the tools you will get access to, would help you a lot when you get a job and work as a penetration tester.
How is CEH different from others

The market is filled with a number of certifications that might help you to get a career in the world of IT security, but the level of skill development and knowledge you get when training for CEH certification has no comparison whatsoever. Other IT security certifications usually teach you how to configure firewalls to pre-empt security threats, but CEH certification goes in a completely different direction. The method of teaching involved with CEH training is what makes it a whole lot better than any other course. The main aspect of CEH training is to teach you offensive tactics that will help you to fight off brute force attacks and fix vulnerabilities and loop holes as and when they come up. This method of teaching makes sure that each and every IT security professional with CEH certification has a holistic perspective towards IT and network security.
About the examination

You will have a total time limit of 4 hours to complete a total of 125 questions. The examination will be held at a certified centre with internet access and computers. Once you complete the test, you will be able to know within 5 to 10 minutes whether you have passed or not. The result contains a detailed analysis of each and every section, including the marks scored by you. If you qualify, you get the digital certificate within one week.