Have you ever heard about freelancing or working as a freelancer? – If so, then this content is related to those who want to start freelancing and become successful freelancers.

Freelancing is one of the best platforms of earn money by performing the remote work of any person or company. In this field, the freelancer can earn money individually according to the workload. The company who had a workload or want to do their work at less prices than they preferred to the freelancers. Because the company doesn’t pay the freelancer’s medical expenses or any other services rents.  They get their work done from freelancers remotely instead of paying full-time employees.

In this field, the freelancers are self-motivated and they are disciplined in their work. For those who don’t work under any boss then freelancing is the best option for them because in this field you are the boss of your own.
Here you will get to know briefly that How to start freelancing and become a freelancer in 7 steps. Let’s find out what are those steps.

Step1. Have a vision:

The first thing that you should have to clear yourselves is that consider whether freelancing is for you. Because when you have clear views then you can achieve your goals.
If you have the mindset that you can give proper time to freelancing then you must go for it. If you don’t know what to do on this platform then you should take some time to clear your view. Because it all about knowing your goals for starting your freelance.

If you are working as a part-time freelancer or a full-time freelancer, you should have committed to your work. When you will be on routine it would be very simple for to you manage your time. And the freelancing built-up with client trust and trust only gain when you show your sincerity with work and submit the project on time.

Make sure you have a clear vision about freelancing then move on to its next step of becoming a successful freelancer.

Step2. Find a Platform:

Make your mind that which platform will be suitable for you because freelancers use different social media platforms like LinkedIn which is a great source of finding a job as a freelancer because these sites connect easily to a customer who is looking for freelancers.

Finding a platform firstly would be a great thing to do in terms that which platform can give competitive earning to you. Readout all of the freelancing platforms and you should go for that platform which fulfills your salary expectation and needs. Don’t limit yourself to only one platform, choose those platforms which look totally perfect for you.

Step3. Build your Profile:

You have to make your profile to tell the clients that for what you are capable of. You don’t need to submit your professional CV, as many freelancing websites have their predesigned template that you can edit or submit your information there.  
Don’t need to write the stories in your profile just tell them what kinds of skills you have. Because the mostly clients have a shortage of time and they are just searching for their work relatable person. If you mention your skills in your profile then there are most chances that the client will select you for their work.

Step4. Prepare a Portfolio:

Make your portfolio strong first, because that thing helps you a lot. If you are a beginner in the freelancing field then you must have to prepare your portfolio that will show your work as a sample to the client.
Build a strong portfolio is not much complicated but it might take some time. When you don’t have any professional work experience or personal achievements related to your skills then the client will think about giving you an order. At the start take some orders at a cheap price or free to make your portfolio strong.

Step.5 Set the Price:

Set up your work prices, in the start, you should go at the cheapest rates and when your level is up then set prices according to your skills. Charge for the hourly work or day and month basis it’s up to your working skills or portfolio.
When you have quite experienced in this field then you can set the prices at your seller level. The seller level depends upon your order completions and how fast your order completed then your level will automatically increase.  

Step6. Find Work:

After setting up all the things you have to find work for yourselves. Land your perfect gigs a freelancing platform and get the clients. Make your communications skills better to secure the client because you have to tackle with your skills.
At the start, if you don’t find the work it’s not a big issue because it takes some time in building trust with clients. When you trust built up with the clients then you can easily get your order at freelancing platform. Secure the few clients at the start and do their work on time because for the beginner client feedbacks mean a lot.   

Step7. Focus on client relationship:

The last thing that keeps in mind is that you should have to focus on client relationships. When your clients are satisfied with your work then there are lots of chances that the client will come again to you. Show them your previous work as a sample and try to cover the clients with your skills.
When you made a good relation with your customer, then your trust will automatically increase and you will get more orders.
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