4 Major Causes of Noisy Tires

Why do the car tires make so much noise? Whether it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon or a wicked weekend night, nobody wants to drive hearing so many unpleasant noises. And in working day, don’t ask (giggle). In order to worsen this noisy annoying drive, vibration is always there to destroy the enjoyment of driving. Undoubtedly, there are a few factors that are not in our circle of influence like the road conditions. But most of the time, it’s the problem with your tires that make the drive more noisy and annoying. Do you want to know more about what actually causes your car tyre to make more noise? Here are a few main factors you must check out. So let’s delve in;

Cupped Tires

Check if you tires don’t look as if slight dips are quite work into the normally smooth tire surface. This particular state is known as cupping. This usually happens when the suspension of your car doesn’t work properly. Due to which, the vehicle starts to bounce while being driven. As a result, this leads to the excessive tire wear especially the part that’s continuously in direct contact with the ground. These dips due to cupping will cause the tires run unevenly on the road and that definitely is going to be noisy while driving.


Do many times do it ask you to get your car tires properly inflated? Don’t get offended please that’s what my dad tell me almost every day because he know that I didn’t get the tired inflated yesterday. Honestly, Dad isn’t saying anything wrong as driving on the improperly inflated tires is no less than dealing with a danger that can pop up at any second in the entire drive. And just like the cupped ones, the improperly inflated tires are going to make so much noise and you know what? The drive is also going to be in an uneven pattern. It’s not just up under inflation, it’s actually any state that’s over or under the required air pressure in the tire. Even the over-inflated tires will make so much noise along with an improper drive.

Tread Design

What? Like Seriously? What does a tread design have to do with noise? These are most commonly erupted-out questions coming from people when any popular online blog mentions tread designs as one of the prominent causes of noise. Thread designs, especially the jagged and knobby ones, and the ones quite popular for off road cars are often proven to be louder than the smoother ones. There are some reputable manufacturers as well that make the really effective and durable off road tires that are not too much noisy. But since the treads are rough, they will cause the increase road noise in case it’s not designed for the minimal sound.

Failure to Rotate

In case your car tyres are not rotated regularly, it can result in to the road noise from the tires. The tire rotation is actually meant to ensure that all 4 tires wear evenly. Reputable tire manufacturing companies have notified that the tires must be rotated after every 5k to 10k miles. In case you don’t get your tires rotated regularly, they will wear unevenly and end up causing the noise to increase.


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