Are you one of those girls who have champagne tastes on a beer budget? Well, that shouldn’t stop any girl to look like a star at any event or party, right? Although you can’t have a team of hair, skin and makeup experts at the ready, maybe you don’t even have a Valentino to make you stand out of the crowd and maybe you are always on a budget when you go out shopping for that perfect dress.

But so what, you can still look like an A-list celeb if you are able to shop right. Today, we are going to let you in on some classified shopping secrets that can help you get that incredible red carpet look without a steep price tag.  Read on!

Take advantage of sample sales

The best time to shop for designer labels is during sales. If you want to shop designer labels, sample sales is your best bet. In order to discard excess merchandise, designers offer dresses and other fashion accessories for sale.

If you are lucky enough you can score a great designer wear for up to 70% discount. Imagine a $100 dress at $30 and that too with a label, what more you could ask for. You can also shop for designer labels when they are officially on sale around July, August and January, February.

Check Out Bridge Lines

If you are one of those girls who cares too much about the label but the $1200 price tag on a clutch makes you want to run for the hills, than you should probably check the bridge lines of high-fashion brands.

You’ll be happy to see your favorite designer’s team up with low-priced retailers to offer new fashion lines for girls like us on a shoestring budget. This way you can get best discount offer online.

Go on a searching spree for coupons and discount codes

Stop lazing around and get your laptop to do some important research. Open Google and type coupon codes to find deals and discounts on clothing and fashion accessories. Retailers offer dozens of discount coupons and hot deals, which are totally steal-worthy. You might actually end by buying that perfect evening gown or those sexy stilettos with the help of a coupon code you grabbed online.

Shop unseasonably

Shop for winter coats when summers are about to kick in and buy those cute flip flops when the weather is about to get cold. Sounds absurd right? But the fact is during the end of season sale you can buy some great dresses or shoes at throw away prices. You can buy and stock up in advance for the next season. Don’t forget, while shopping unseasonably you must go for style instead of spending on fashion.  Buy timeless classic like a little black dress, which will never go out of fashion.

Sign up for email alerts and join membership sites

Online shopping comes with some great perks like you can sign up for email alerts and get regular updates on what’s new and when the sales about to start. You can also join membership sites that offer great deals and even credit when the people you invite make purchases. Online stores occasionally have flash sales for limited period of time and if you are able to take advantage of that, well you can score something exquisite.

Take help of the above mentioned tips to grab some great deals and don’t forget to share some of your tips too.