If you’ve thought about starting a business while working your 9-5, or you’re currently thinking about new business opportunities, you might want to think about offering laundry services. Laundry is a recession proof business that people spend money on regardless of what’s happening with the economy. If you’re interested in a business you can create and run, here are 4 reasons why you should start a laundry service.

  1. There’s potential to earn a good income

Whether you want to start your business as a work-at-home venture, or you have the capital to create a full-service laundry business, there’s good income to earn by offering laundry services. Of course, you can earn more by working on your business instead of in it, but if you’re strapped for cash, even a small laundry operation can net you a solid monthly income.

Start small if you need to and scale up as time goes on. Eventually you can increase the amount of laundry services you offer, to earn more income. With hard work, you can increase the number of employees, expand to new geographical areas, and become the go-to laundry service in your desired neighborhood. If placed in the right location, a laundry service business has unlimited earning potential.

  1. It’s a very simple business to begin

One reason laundry service businesses are so great to create is because you can start quickly with products and equipment that you already own. To start, you simply set up your business entity, get help with sales tax law, and keep good business records. If you don’t have washing and drying machines, you can find coin operated washer businesses like Continental Girbau that help business owners set up their laundry equipment and learn the business.

  1. Online marketing can quickly bring success

Building a business using online marketing techniques is easier than ever before. Using content management systems like WordPress, you can have a website online within minutes. A website is a vital tool for all businesses, especially if you’re running the business in your home. You’ll also want to get listed in local directories, create paid ads, and engage in social media marketing. These forms of online marketing are inexpensive and all can be scaled up as you see returns on your investment.

  1. Local promotion is inexpensive

Local promotion is vital to the success of your laundry service. Luckily, there are inexpensive ways to brand locally. If you’re willing to put in the leg work, you can get local customers by simply sharing the benefits of your service. Start by posting flyers with pull off tabs. Then contact local companies to explain why they should use your laundry services. Finally, don’t forget to market using word-of-mouth and passing out business cards! These techniques build business, but it takes consistent effort to build a business using local promotion, so use every technique that you learned here consistently to see the best results.

Overall creating a laundry service business is simple to do, but it takes commitment. Total laundry service businesses like www.cgilaundry.com help you create and manage a laundry business from launch to success. But in the end, like with anything, success relies on how hard your work toward your goals.