/5 Time-Tested Instagram Marketing Tips to Boost Brand Visibility Fast
Instagram Marketing tips for Business

5 Time-Tested Instagram Marketing Tips to Boost Brand Visibility Fast

You know now that you need to have a business page on the photo-sharing platform Instagram. The platform has over 500 million users, over 60 million images uploaded daily, as well as 1.6 billion likes given every day. Therefore, you should know the best Instagram marketing tips as it is the greatest marketing platform to help you connect with your potential customers from all over the world.

According to an article published on https://www.entrepreneur.com, to take your IG marketing to the next level, you will have to improve your fan following regularly and consistently. The logic is simple. More people knowing about your business on this social media site will follow your brand provided you post high-definition photos or videos here.

You will also find many influencers on Instagram with a huge number of followers. When you connect with these influencers and use the right IG marketing strategies, you too become a brand that can influence the followers to choose your products or services. Then, Instagram marketing is not as simple as it sounds. You need to figure out which posts work for your business and which not. Here are five time-honored Instagram marketing tips to boost your brand visibility quickly:

1. Cross-promote your Instagram content

If you would like to add new followers, who already like your brand, post your content across other social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Once you are through with this, invite these people to follow your Instagram account. They are following you on social platforms and therefore, they will show interest in your posts and offers. It is an alternative way to connect with your audience on social sites.

Then, do not presume that your Instagram posts would reach all people connected to your business account. Some people do not use a particular social media site and some are not as active as they are on other platforms. Therefore, you need to ensure your followers to stay connect to maximum social media sites to improve your reach for every post by following some of my Instagram marketing tips.

2. Leverage free IG tools

Use the free IG tools such as insights to view things like engagement data, impressions, post reach, and things like that. Using the tools, you also get the breakdown of follower demographics including data such as gender, age, location, user active hours, etc. It’s not generic data you get to see, but specific information related to your posts for a week to show what number of impressions you garnered for some time and what were your best IG posts.

The more you have a clear idea as to how IG users are interacting with your posts, the better you can make content changes accordingly.

These tools are the best because you know how IG visitors are interacting with your IG photos and videos. It will help you to tweak your content to improve engagement. You can use product teasers because this form of content piques audience interest. 

3. Avoid bothering your audience

Usually, you want to post Instagram content so that your business remains relevant to social media. Then, posting too much content or too frequently may annoy your audience and they may unfollow your IG profile. It happens because your followers feel that your brand is continuously on their faces.

There is no hard and fast rule for the number of posts. You need to experiment and figure out how your followers respond to posts. You can post two times daily to get free Instagram likes from real people. Experiment with more or fewer content daily to keep an eye on the engagement level. Once you know what number of posts are right, your job does not end here because you need some experimentation when your follower count increases. As far as post frequency optimization is concerned, you should follow these Instagram marketing tips.

4. Reap benefits from product teasers

Is it possible to sell more of your products through teasers on visual platforms like Instagram? Yes, you can by following my Instagram marketing tips. Instagram is the best platform to promote your products provided you know the rules of the game. Use teasers to promote your products subtly without bothering your prospective customers with advertisements.

If you think hard selling is the way to boost sales, you are wrong because your followers will unfollow you at the drop of a hat. Use product teasers instead to describe your products, display their benefits, and boost excitement without showing your audience that you are too pushy.

You can sell your merchandise by offering a free shopping app, where prospective buyers can view and purchase your items. You can offer some discount to improve the excitement. This way, you will garner more likes that is commendable in the social media arena.

Coffee giant Starbucks pampers its audience by announcing seasonal beverages with stunning visuals on Instagram without pushing people to buy their drinks. Use tools like Followers App to help boost your visibility.

5. Design sponsored IG ads

Instagram ads are extremely popular these days and using paid ads, you can decide how much to spend on these ads. All you need to do is decide on a budget. Display a single sponsored ad or numerous ads, like carousel ads.

Using paid ads helps you to reach out to your audience in a new way. These ads help you to target people who fit your audience persona to improve reach more than ever.

Use stunning images for your paid ads that appeal to your audience. You need to place sponsored ads in front of the right audience. Did you know that you could even change your current ads to paid ones? Therefore, keep tracking your best performing ads on Instagram. Push some of the top posts later to your prospective buyers through paid ads.

You can run numerous posts to diverse audiences at the same time for more engagement levels. There are various kinds of paid ads to publish. These include images, videos, stories, carousel or dynamic ads, as well as, stories canvas. Again, Instagram Stories, whether paid or otherwise, is the best to reach out to your followers.

Conclusion of the best Instagram marketing tips

Instagram is a dominant social media site today and the best platform for sharing jaw-dropping content related to your brand and products. Get inspired by these top Youtubers of all time. Become an Instagram Celebrity by using these Instagram marketing tips to boost engagement, improve likes, and enhance sales.