/How Inhalers help support lungs during an Asthma Attack
Inhalers helping in Asthma Attack

How Inhalers help support lungs during an Asthma Attack

We all know what asthma is and how painful an asthma attack can be if we don’t take proper medications on a daily basis.

In asthma, there remains an excrescence in air passages and this leads to blockage of the air passage in the lungs. And due to this, there occurs difficulty in breathing, causes gasp and cough frequent times and results in an asthma attack.

1. What do the inhalers do to support during an asthma attack?

Inhalers are the medical equipment used to push the medicines of different kinds directly to the lungs during an asthma attack. Most of the time, they contain steroids and hence bears some side effects with them too.

Since the medicines directly go into the lungs that is why only a minimum amount of medicines are required and hence inhalers have very few side effects from the medicines.

When you take puffs of the medicines from the inhalers during your asthma attack then medicines present in the inhaler relaxes your breathing and bring back into a normal state. The meds put pressure on the inner walls of the lungs and thus takes the lungs to its original shape. As the space inside is expanded, the airflow is also increased and the breathing function of yours is normalized.

2. Types of inhalers

There are three types of inhaled medication devices to be used for bronchial asthma. And they are the followings:


Often abbreviated as MDI, are recommended mostly by the present-day doctors. They usually are attached to two modules.

  • The first part is the mouthpiece, which attaches your mouth and provides the essential air along with the medicine that remains on the other part of the MDI.
  • And, a pressurized medication canister where the propellant is there. Propellants are the dissolved active component present in aerosol form. Just like the Asthalin inhaler. During an asthma attack, when you suck into the mouthpiece the propellant directly reaches into your lung and it starts showing its bronchodilation effect within 5 minutes and it lasts for 2-4 hours.

After puffing a few from MDI you must hold your breath for a few seconds so that the medication gets easily absorbed in your air passage.

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This is another type of inhaler DPI where it comes with rota capsules and the inhaler machine. The rota capsules contain the dry powder form of corticosteroids which you have to put into the inhaler and suck it deeply. After sucking the medicine try to hold on your breath for a few seconds so that the medicine gets dissolved into the airways of the lungs and reduces the wheezing and normalizes the breathing in a few minutes. Corticosteroid medications are more effective in action and last for a longer duration of time.

When you put the rota capsules into the DPI and close the lid, the rota capsules get a prick present in the inhaler, and there becomes a small hole into the capsule. From there the dry powder comes out and passes from the mouthpiece of the DPI and goes into your mouth when sucking deeply.


Usually recommended to the serious patients, they are mask type inhalers, where there remains a fixed part that attach with the face of the patient and along with that, there remains a part to attach the medicine. The medicine is passed with the air to the lungs directly, as the patient inhales through the nebulizer.

Aerocort Inhaler:

  • Aerocort inhaler is a medication to treat bronchial asthma for those patients who have prior usage of oral medications of asthma or bronchodilator therapy.
  • It is a combination of levosalbutamol and beclomethasone where Levosalbutamol is an enantiomer of salbutamol which is a sympathomimetic drug that helps in bronchodilation. And Beclomethasone suppresses the bronchial inflammation and increases the expiratory flow rate and remodels the air passage.
  • The dosage of Aerocort Inhaler is: For 12 years and above:- 100-250mcg (quantify low dosage) / daily dose.

To be taken:- Two puffs or inhalations/3-4 times a day.

DPI or MDI both can be prescribed.

  • Warnings:-
  • Do not use Aerocort Inhaler acute attacks of asthma.
  • The patients who have taken prior steroids are advised to try beclomethasonedipropionate only in a different inhaler.

5. Using Asthalin Inhaler in an asthma attack:

Asthalin inhaler is recommended by the doctors to reduce the bronchodilation. While the medicine works on the same, it affects the bronchospasms too. However, it is a recommendation that the medicine must not be taken by anyone who is below the age of 4.

  • The dosage of Asthalin Inhaler is: For below 12 years:- 100mcg/puff,

To be taken: – 1 puff/ daily 4 times

In exercise-induced asthma: – 1-2 puffs/ 15-30 mins before exercise

For 12 years and above: – 200 mcg/puff

To be taken: – 1-2puffs/ in interval of 4-6 hours.

In exercise-induced asthma: – 2-3 puffs/ 15-30 mins prior to exercise. 

  • Overdosing of the med is strictly prohibited. The maximum dosage is up to 800mcg in a day.
  • Warnings:
  • If paradoxical bronchospasms that mean even after taking an inhaler you are facing the worst condition of wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, then immediately terminate Asthalin Inhaler.
  • If after taking asthalin you are having a high pulse rate, muscle tremors, blood pressure stop taking Asthalin Inhaler.
  • Salbutamol which is a beta-agonist should be stopped during pregnancy especially during labor. If the patient considers then it should be also stopped during lactation. But there is no solid study proof whether Asthalin inhalers cause any harm to the infant or not.

But there are treatments of this chronic disease of lung and it is the usage of Asthalin Inhalers on a proper and daily basis. Inhalers are the medication which can treat the always of the lungs and help in proper breathing. The inhaler medications are used to take puffs from it which brings your breathing in a normal state.

This is the way that the inhalers act on you. The essential instructions that you need to follow while dealing with your asthma and inhaler have also been stated. So, keep the same things in mind, but again one thing – consult with a doctor before using any of these.