/7 Best WhatsApp videos status apps
Best WhatsApp videos status apps

7 Best WhatsApp videos status apps

WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives now and no one can deny that. People from all the age groups can’t live without WhatsApp as it has become the most important means of communication. According to a fact more than 29 million messages are sent every minute on WhatsApp and this calls for the need of new content every time we want to communicate with someone. We have researched some best WhatsApp video status apps to solve this problem of yours which will help you find all types of WhatsApp statuses and videos. 


Do you want to chat with your friends and share great content with them, then this is the app for you. The tagline of this app is “Mitron se karein baat” which means talk to your friends and share beautiful pictures, videos, songs and knowledge with them. Sharechat owns a rating of 4.3 star on Google play store and 100 millions plus downloads which simply shows its credibility. Let’s check its features written below and try it if you’ll like it, 

 a. You can make friends via chat rooms.

 b. You can chat in 15 Indian languages.

 c. You can download and share free whatsapp statuses.

 d. You can even become a celebrity by sharing your videos as it is a community of 100 million people.

Best WhatsApp videos status apps

2. All Status Saver for WhatsApp- Status Downloader

As the name implies this app is solely made to download status in all forms like videos, pictures and even GIF. Its most interesting feature is that you can download the status without even letting the person know, haha, I think all the stalkers will download this app right away. Also this app has 5 million plus users and 4.5 rating which make it a very good WhatsApp videos status apps. So let’s check the features written below, 

a. Easy and fast saving of status.

b. It has a built- in image viewer and video player. 

c. Sharing and repost is very easy.

d. Navigation is also very easy. 

Best WhatsApp videos status apps

3. Status Saver- Downloader for Whatsapp

This is one of the best WhatsApp videos status apps. It owns a rating of 4.5 stars and has 50 million plus users. Its tagline tells us the use of this app and it goes like, “ Save your friend’s status” so if you don’t want to ask anyone to send the status then this app will come to the rescue. This app allows you to download the status in all the forms be it video. GIF, or pictures. Some of its useful features are, 

a. You will find new and trending status videos on a daily basis. 

b. You can save the DP image which means that you don’t have to go online to stare at your crush’s DP. 

c. This app can be used to upload the video created by tik tok. 

d. 8 Indian languages are supported in this app. 

Best WhatsApp videos status apps

4. Snack Video status maker- Vidstatus

You can download and make videos with this app. Now you can become the star of your group by showing off your creative skills through this app. Be it anyone’s birthday, anniversary or any occasion you can make all types of videos for them. Some of its features are, 

a. It makes trendy videos with your photos in seconds.

b. You will find many positive contents here.

c. There are many special effects you can use in this app.

d. You can edit the videos professionally as this app is powered by a video editor tool which allows you to trim, cut, copy, and merge the videos. 

e. It supports 15 Indian languages. 

Best WhatsApp videos status apps

5. YoluIndia- Status, Video status for WhatsApp status

I know its name is weird but its catchy too and besides it has some catchy features also. It owns a rating of 4 stars and has 100  k plus downloads, so if you want to use Yolu as YOLO, then read some features written below to know more about this WhatsApp video status app, 

a. You can upload status in all categories such as funny videos, love videos etc.

b. It supports almost all the languages of India. 

c. You can download data from 240P to HQ, according to your data plan. 

d. You can make a favourites list in the YoluIndia app. 

Best WhatsApp videos status apps

6. Full Screen Video status

As you can conclude from the name that this app is targeted towards video statuses. This app owns a rating of 4.2 star on Google play and has a huge fan following of 1 million people. So if you are not convinced by this data then no one can convince you in this world. Checkout its exciting features below, 

a. You can download whatsapp status in hindi.

b. There is an option to download in a small size to save your data while not ruining the quality 

c. You will find trending videos in this app.

d. It provides 30 sec video. 

Best WhatsApp videos status apps

7. Hello video status app download

Last but not least, this one is my personal best WhatsApp videos status app because of many reasons such as, its fan following, its rating and many of its features.

Some of them are listed below, 

a. You can download the status of all categories.

b. You can find shayari status in this app. 

c. Share your videos on social media apps and increase your followers. 

d. You can upload full screen videos status with HD quality. 

e. It is available in 15 languages. 

f. You can get TV serial status too in this app.

Best WhatsApp videos status apps

I have mentioned some of the best WhatsApp videos status apps and I know they are best because I have used it myself. All of the above apps have a good rating and are loved worldwide. Now hurry and try these apps one by one and tell me which one is your favorite. After that check YouTube video downloader apps

Note- Lastly I want to conclude that in some apps listed above have some illegal features like copying someone’s status but I will suggest you not to copy them if you haven’t taken the permission of the owner of the status.