/8 Best Weather Websites For Free In 2023

8 Best Weather Websites For Free In 2023

Gone are the days where we used to wait for the news channels to update us regarding the weather forecast as nowadays everything is available on the internet and so does the weather forecast. The best part about the weather websites is that you can look up the current temperatures of different cities and the world. There are many websites available on the internet through which you can check the weather forecast but here we have curated the list of best weather websites.

Best Weather Websites In 2023

Lets quickly have a look at some of the best weather websites available on the internet.

1. National Weather Service

National Weather Service-Best Weather Websites

National Weather Service is one of the best websites that you can use to check out the weather forecast of the nation. If you are living in the USA then you can check the weather forecast of all the states in the USA. 

Moreover, this app also gives information about raining and extreme weather conditions so that avoid going to these places. The only drawback about this site is that does not show temperatures of other countries apart from the national country. So if you are looking for a site that helps you in providing weather information about your country then this is the best site you can go for.

2. AccuWeather

Best Weather Websites in 2020-Accuweather

AccuWeather is one of the most popular sites for checking the weather forecast. The user-interface of this site is very simple as you just have to open the site and it will show you the weather forecast based on your location, however, if you want to search for the weather conditions outside your local area then you need to simply type in the location or pin code of which you want to look the weather forecast.

Moreover, it also gives the satellite maps of your area. The only drawback of this site is that it displays a lot of ads, if that it is not a problem for you then you can definitely go for this site.

3. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel-Best Weather Websites

The Weather Channel is a one-stop destination for all your weather-related queries. It provides you with details like the live weather forecast, weather news, expected temperature and much more stuff.

The dashboard of Weather Channel has a user-friendly interface and anyone can access the site. You simply need to visit the website and the current temperature of your location will be displayed. However, you can also search for the temperature of the other locations as well. It also has a dedicated video section where you can see all the videos regarding whether that makes it one of the best weather website.

4. WeatherBug

WeatherBug-Best Weather Websites In 2020

WeatherBug is another great website for checking online weather and live weather news. Just like other websites, it has a similar user-interface that provides you with an accurate weather forecast. When you open the website it will display the current weather forecast of your location. 

Most importantly there is also a live radar section that helps you to look at the weather forecast of other places. Moreover, you can also see the live news and other important information regarding the weather conditions.

5. Weather Underground

Best Weather Websites-Weather Underground

Weather Underground is another best Weather Website that can be used to check the like weather forecast instantly. This website will detect your location and will show the results accordingly. The best part about this website is that it will even show you the advanced forecast of the locations. So in case if you are travelling to other places you can view the weather conditions in seconds and plan accordingly. It also provides you with a variety of climate and weather information.

6. World Weather Online

World Weather Online-Best Weather Websites In 2020

World Weather Online provides the accurate weather forecast of your location. It comes with an animated app that and temperature reports of your location. Apart from providing you with the details of weather temperatures it also gives information on sports weather, holiday weather and latest blog posts. Like other common platforms, you can also search for the weather forecast of different locations by just typing in the location name.

7. Excite Weather

Best Weather Websites-Excite Weather

If you are looking for a website that a simple and plain user interface that does the job pretty well then this is the best weather website that you can turn up to as it displays weather forecast along with different navigational sections. It also keeps you updated on the latest weather news of the World. It is simply an amazing website for all your weather-related queries.

8. Windy

Best Weather Websites In 2020-Windy

Windy is a popular website for getting information on the weather forecast as it provides all the details regarding atmospheric conditions and also warns you against any extreme weather conditions. It also keeps you updated on the latest weather news, moreover, it comes with a map to search for weather reports across the globe which makes it one of the best weather websites on the internet.

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