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best snapchat filters

Best Snapchat filters

I usually don’t use snapchat but when I saw its filters I couldn’t resist myself from installing it and nowadays this app has taken a place in my homepage. These filters are amazing and fun. You can spend hours while using these filters and that’s why I have listed some of the best Snapchat filters for you as well as I believe in sharing the fun. 

1. Pecan by Luckee Bains- 

If you want a sexy and smokey picture of yours then this filter is made for you as it will make you look tanned. With the help of this filter, you don’t have to sit in the sun for hours and get all sweaty because your tanned pictures are just a click away.

2. Big Moustache Morph by Snapchat-

Don’t you want a long moustache and pretend that you are some Giant Demon, HAHA maybe some of you must have that fantasy. This filter allows you to have that look and with the help of this feature you can pretend to be a villain and you can show to naughty kids to scare them. This is one of the best snapchat filters.

3. Lion by Snapchat-

This is for the jungle king’s lovers as you can pretend to be half or full lion in this filter. This filter gives you the control to set the filter of Lion as much as you want. This is one of the best snapchat filters in 2020.

4. Dancing Turkey by Snapchat-

I have heard somewhere that, the goofier the better” and this filter allows you to be as goofy as you want. In this filter you will be dressed as a Turkey and you can dance wearing it. So be creative and post whatever you want to gain likes and followers.

5. Vogue Noir by Tyler Allen-

We all have seen this one on every social media platform and this is one of my favourite snapchat filters as it can make me pose like a celebrity. This one has a monochromatic filter and you will appear in this filter as a model and shooting for the september issue. 

6. Old by Snapchat-

If you want to know what your future will look like then this filter will show you the mirror to your old self. Try to be terrified as it won’t look good at all and if you are a weak-hearted person then I suggest you not to look at it. Although, you can always use it for fun. It is loved by everybody and it is also one of the best snapchat filters.

7. Neon Horns by Snapchat-

This filter is used to have that devilish look. You can click your pictures wearing those horns and scare anyone. I like this one because it makes me look sensuous and also it sharpens my jawline. 

8. Geofilters-

This filter is used when you are at a specific location and your share location tab is on. This was introduced in 2014. Events on geofilters can be weddings, birthdays etc, it’s cost is around 5$ and should be approved by Snapchat. 

9. Snapchat filter for a pretty you-

Some of the filters are made for you to help you when you don’t wanna apply makeup on your face but wanna look pretty. Their names are, purple lipstick and tattoos, jeweled eyes and pink lipstick, 50’s Glam(red lipstick and a kerchief headband). You will love these filters if you are a makeup lover.

10. Snapchat filter for food lovers-

If you want to make your foodie friends jealous then Snapchat can help you in this. Some of the filters for foodies are, Tomato face, Donut face, Taco face etc. You will surely have fun using them. 

If you are new to Snapchat and want to have an amazing experience using it then this article will surely help you.