While building a website, we put many efforts in deciding what should the color be, what should be the font size, what should the transitions be like, which words to use but you will also need VPS hosting in 2021 as a website is a reflection of one’s brand and it should be very precise and appealing. Surely, all the elements together build a great website, but one area which is often given the last priority is the web hosting.

A good web hosting enhances the performance of the website.  It makes sure the website loads properly, has the data secured, has good speed and most importantly, is able to manage traffic on the website. Looking at everything a web hosting does to your website, weighing its importance against all other elements of a website, it is a no-brainer to guess that a web hosting is extremely important to your website.

Just like every domain, there has been amazing and unbelievable growth in the web hosting domain. A website’s performance is directly proportional to the hosting of the website; the better the hosting, the better the performance of the website.

There is often a great confusion while choosing the type of hosting that needs to be chosen. There are many web hosts providing multiple types of web hosting. From traditional web hosting to shared and now everybody is already talking about Virtual Private Server (VPS) in 2021. While choosing a web hosting, it is important to understand what the hosting provides and to map it with your requirements.

VPS hosting in 2021

VPS vs Shared hosting

The most talked about web hosting nowadays is VPS hosting. VPS hosting is the next move after shared hosting. A VPS is basically a virtual machine provided as a service by web hosts. A VPS is basically a physical partition of the server, and each server operates independently. The web hosting companies create multiple partitions of the server at their end and provide a separate space to each file which uses the resources separately. The partition of the server is dedicated solely to the website that is being hosted on the server, hence they are completely separate and are treated with exclusivity.

A Virtual Private Server hosting allows you to scale up your resources as per your requirements. Using a VPS hosting in 2021 provides you with a copy of an independent operating system to which you have a user level entry so that you can install any software that needs an OS to run. Implementing a VPS hosting in 2021 gives you immense processing power which when required can be converted into memory or storage.

Shared hosting also performs very well but employing a VPS hosting in 2021 has enhanced features. Since you are the sole owner of the space, all the resources of the server are dedicated to only you. The resources are dedicated to the VPS and are not shared with other users on the physical device, offering tremendous reliability and performance.

VPS hosting- More than a dedicated server

All the features of the VPS are the key properties of a dedicated server. In a dedicated server, the whole server belongs to you. This means that you have to spend money even when you are not using that space. Maintaining a dedicated server is an added responsibility you have apart from the huge cost that goes into buying the dedicated server. Thus VPS hosting in 2021 provides you all the features of a dedicated server at a much lower cost than that of a dedicated server.

VPS hosting- Hybrid of dedicated and shared hosting

VPS is hybrid of a dedicated server and shared hosting. It gives you the best features of both the worlds. The independence gives you a lot of control over the space, empowering you and with greater security as compare to shared space. It is the middle road you can take when you need power, scalability, and flexibility but has budgetary constraints.

Shared hosting places your website on a server with multiple websites already running. Similar to shared hosting, a VPS places your website on a server which has lesser number of websites running on it. The numbers of websites hosted on a server are limited. This implies that the bandwidth is not distributed and the website is scalable. Also, all the resources are split among a very small number of websites this gives speed to the website. Thus, increasing the performance of the website from all aspects.

Best VPS hosting in 2021 – the service provider

There are many web hosts which deal with VPS. Out of many web hosts, Xen VPS provider is the most notable.  Apart from all the features that are integral to a VPS hosting, Xen service provider offers full customization and total control which is very difficult to find in any other provider. Some of the features are Swap Space, loadable kernel modules, accessing to the remote console for troubleshooting.

With so many features and reduced cost, VPS web hosting will definitely be something to look forward to in webhosting space in 2021!