Yes, Angular should be your #1 choice to build mobile and web applications. Let’s get a clear idea about Angular. What is Angular? It is an open-source web application framework and platform. It is used for creating single page client applications using Typescript and HTML. MiskoHevery, a Google employee invented Angular. It is managed or directed by the Angular Team at Google and by a community of folks and enterprises.

Now the question is.. Why Angular should be your first choice to build mobile and web applications? Why do developers from Angular development companies love to create Applications using Angular? Why not other frameworks like React JS and Ruby on Rails? This write-up will provide you the answer.

1 Angular is easy to use with simple testing

Studies proved that humans are wired to take the path of least resistance. So, for all developers who aspire to build excellent applications, the path of least resistance is Angular. Why wouldn’t it be the first choice for them?

Few points are mentioned below which makes it super easy to use:

  • With the help of Angular, there is no necessity to write any lengthy or tiresome codes. Besides that, it has tons of features that will help you build web applications with the least coding.
  • Moreover, the Angular framework has a bucket or modular structure. So, it organizes application code into various buckets. So, all the directives, components, pipes, and services are organized clearly. You can even separate the overall operation of the code into reusable chunks of code and exclusive features.
  • The need to write getter and setter in various types of data models has also been removed which leads to saving tons of time and effort.

What else you need, huh?

Secondly, Testing is extremely easy. With module separation, you can load the required services, while executing automatic testing.

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2 Streamlined MVC Architecture

One of the unsurpassable reasons to use the Angular framework is that it leverages the MVC architecture for building powerful and dynamic web applications. Now you might wonder what is so special or unique about MVC architecture? Well, let me tell you it is a well-known software design pattern. It is universally used for building user interfaces and web applications. It divides an application into three primary logical components i.e.the model, the view, and the controller. These three components are developed to manage specific development facets of an application.

Model: The Model serves a significant purpose of handling the data, rules, and logic of the application. Also, it responds to the commands from the controller and requests from view.

View: It is used to portray or represent the information in a user-understandable format like the chart, diagram, or table.

Controller: It accepts input and transforms it into instructions or commands for the model or view.

3 Two-Way Data Binding

Two- Way Binding or Dual Data Binding is one of the exemplary capabilities of the Angular framework. When data within one component changes, it gets reflected in another component too. The components get updated simultaneously all because of this excellent feature.

Therefore, if the data within the Model changes, it gets reflected in View too and vice versa.

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4 Single Page Application Feature

The angular framework offers plenty of features and alternatives that constitute developing single-page applications a lot easier and faster. Even, the tiresome work of creating and managing online forms on web pages can be done effortlessly by developers. Moreover, if the developer wants to change the behavior of HTML elements that can also be done smoothly and swiftly.

Besides that, developers get a choice to create a set of conformations that can either show error messages in individual fields or anywhere in the form. Even novices with infinitesimal knowledge of Angular will be able to develop single-page applications.

5 Agility

Agility!! Here what it means is that with the help of Angular, you can easily fulfill any new requests or requirements from your client-side. The controllers can be easily executed in the MVC architecture to cater to these requests.

I know it could be hard for you to believe, but there are around 30,000 modules in the Angular framework that are directly available for quick application development. So, whenever there is any necessity to customize an existing application, developers can use already available modules and modify the code instead of developing the entire application from scratch.

Not only this, if you face any difficulty working on it, there are plenty of experts and contributors to hold your hand. You will get instant replies to any question you post on discussion forums.

6 Code Generation

Code Generation, one of the charismatic and extraordinary abilities of the Angular framework, turns your beautiful templates into code. With the help of this feature, you will get all the awesome benefits of hand-written code. This is all possible because of one of the brilliant features in the Angular framework i.e. Ivy Renderer. It helps in converting the templates and components of an application into simpleton JS code. The converted code can be simply viewed with the help of a web browser. One of the standout attributes of Ivy Renderer is the tree shaking technique. Eradication of unwanted or dead code is known as the tree shaking technique. It will affect the loading speed of your Angular web application and provides a seamless and smooth experience to users.

7 Dependency Injection

Dependencies provide you a crystal clear notion of how various types of components are connected or we can say a single change in one part of the code can have massive repercussions on other parts of the code. Here comes the Dependency Injection ability of Angular Framework. It makes it easier to maintain and understandable, which will ultimately save lots of effort and time of yours.

It also lets the developers share scripts they have made with Angular without any pitfalls.

8 Gigantic Community Support

As mentioned earlier, Angular was developed by the Google team and is currently managed by Google. It reflects the authenticity and reliability of the framework. It has persuaded plenty of developers to choose Angular over other alternatives. Thus, Angular has a gigantic community with proficient developers to make any improvements in the framework.

One of the greatest advantages of having such a massive community is that developers can easily learn or get themselves updated with any new advancements in technology by attending meetings, conferences, webinars, events, etc from all over the world. If you confront any issue during the Angular application development process, you can turn to plenty of experts for help.

9 Angular CLI

Angular’s powerful CLI i.e. Command Line Interface is one of the outstanding features of Angular. Angular CLI automates operations such as app configuration and initialization. This automation elevates the code quality. Also, it streamlines the entire Angular app development process.

You can effortlessly build new projects or delete functionalities only by executing a few simple commands.

The NG update<package> command of Angular CLI( Angular 6 or higher versions) facilitates an instant upgrade from one version of Angular to another.


Angular is an excellent choice for developing mega applications because of its streamlined architecture. It is a perfect framework for developing dynamic applications because of its dependency injection and powerful features. Novices or beginners can also implement it.

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