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How to remove make-up with natural almond oil

There is a natural way to remove make-up and is using almond oil, which in addition to helping you remove makeup, can nourish the skin and give it a very healthy look.

Make up is not bad. It helps us to see ourselves better and have a more striking and attractive presence. However at the time of removing the makeup should be done with the same care with which the steps are performed to be able to place the base, the correction of dark circles and the rest of the makeup. Almond oil is a powerful cleanser with various properties that help to have a better skin health.

Almonds oil

Almond oil offers facial skin multiple benefits, such as a contribution to the hydration of pores and softness thanks to its natural compounds such as vitamin E and fatty acids. The almond oil is one of the most important and used worldwide to improve the health of the skin and even for cosmetic purposes.
It works for dry skin, with irritations, ailments such as irritations or peeling, and also works as an excellent natural make-up remover. It does not affect the dermis like other chemically processed products and provides a large amount of properties each time it is used to remove makeup from the face after a long day.

Not only does it help keep skin clean and healthy, it also hydrates and keeps it protected from external agents. Make use of a make-up remover is necessary for any daily routine, although currently many products are designed to treat the skin better, it is equally hurt because it needs a break from everything that has over a long period of time, or otherwise the pores become clogged producing a greater infection in the long term.

How to remove makeup naturally

Almond oil is one of the most recommended to clean your face every night before sleep. It is one of the most powerful to moisturize the skin, and is completely natural and hypoallergenic; therefore it works on the most sensitive skin since it is not aggressive with the dermis.
Using the almond oil to remove makeup will not only help you maintain a cleaner face, but also more hydrated. We explain how you can clean your face with this excellent natural make-up remover:

Prepare your face

When you get home from a long day, you should always clean your face whether you have makeup or not. There are many agents in the air that are highly polluting to the pores and these must be eliminated. First clean your face with soap and try to eliminate all the dirt of the day so that the oil is in charge of carrying out its complete work hydrating the skin.

It’s time to remove makeup

Once your face is clean with the soap you use, on a cotton disk with about three drops of almond oil, clean each eyelid and part of the face where it accumulates more makeup and dirt, as in the lines of expression, in the eyes, nose and forehead. Continue with the areas where it does not accumulate so much, using cotton with a few drops of oil. Follow this by removing all remaining with a clean damp towel.

Repeat this process periodically (if it is daily, better). In a short time you will see the improvement in your skin thanks to this incredible natural product. You can learn more about Makeup tips here.