Top 3 waterfalls in Rishikesh

The Uttarakhand state has immense natural beauty spread across the region. Being one of the leading spots for tourists, Rishikesh is an important destination not only from the view of connectivity but also from the tourism point of view. GarudChhatti, Patna and NeerGaddu are leading waterfalls here that can mesmerise the visitors by their beauty. However, it is better if you visit them in the season of monsoon when the flow of the fall is at peak. Let us know about these waterfalls in little depth.

GarudChatti Waterfalls:

This waterfall is close to LaxmanJhula and almost 9 km from the central bus stand in Rishikesh. The waterfall is small in size, but seven flows make it a good fall collectively that makes like a pool. There is a Garud temple situated close to the waterfall from where it derived its name.  The beauty of the fall can surely make you fall in love with it.

Patna Waterfall

Those who love natural scenes and lush greenery must visit this waterfall. It is situated near Patna village, and hence it is known as Patna waterfall. There are also limestone caves close to this waterfall. The fall is 11 km from the main bus stand of Rishikesh and almost 6.5 km from LaxmanJhula. Usually, those who visit the GarudChatti also visit this waterfall. It is also an ideal location to have some beautiful images and spend some quality time with friends and family members. The waterfall is close to the Neelkanth Temple.

NeerGaddu Waterfall

NeerGaddu or Neergarh Waterfalls are situated close to LaxmanJhula in Rishikesh. There are two parts of this waterfall, and they are situated 5 and 7 km from LaxmanJhula. The best part of this waterfall is they are available in the summer season as well, and hence a lot of tourists come here to have a cool bath here. There are also two small bridges built here with the help of which one can go close to the fall. Though these falls are available in all the seasons to see the marvel of nature the best time is post monsoon when the water flow is at peak. The entry to this waterfall is paid, and one has to pay a small amount of 30 INR for it.

How to reach?

Well, one can cover all these waterfalls in a single trip as they are not at a distance from each other. From the main Bus stand of Rishikesh, one can catch an auto or a taxi to reach here. Rishikesh is a leading destination that is well-connected to many other cities of the country by road and railway. The nearest airport here is the Jolly Grant airport located at Dehradun from where one can easily get a taxi to reach Rishikesh. There are many other temples and tourist spots as well as adventure sports camps here that attract the tourists from all over the world.


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