/8 Important Traits of a Successful Android App Developer
How to become a successful Android App Developer

8 Important Traits of a Successful Android App Developer

Android is not restricted to phones now, the technology is linked to our daily lives. Perhaps, this is the reason why more and more people are looking to become an Android App Developer.

But this is largely due to Android being a bigger market than iOS.  The Android apps are widely popular no matter if those are games or messaging or social sites’ app versions. Mobile app development is one of the growing career in the era of information technology. No matter if the development is for an individual project or for a client there are certain aspects that need to be taken care of. Android App Developers around the world have established few facts that are considered essential while developing an app.

Appealing design

The app must leave a long lasting impact on the users as soon as they search it on Play Store and that is only possible with an outstanding design. There are approximately 2.2 billion apps on the Play Store and in order to get your app noticed it is essential that it has a design that stands out.

An effective app development strategy will demand the app to not only look aesthetically appealing but the user interface should be convenient enough. There are numerous sites available that define quite useful guidelines that help in creating a visibly attractive app.

Users’ choices

As an Android application developer you are going to cater to a huge market. The user ratio is fairly high for Android than iOS. It then becomes essential for an app developer to meet the demands of its users as much as possible.

If you pay complete attention to what the public wants, it will serve as the best way to increase your clients.

It is important to have surveys, rating grids and comments section to know exactly what the client is asking for. Whenever you will pay attention to what they have to say about your app, it becomes the opportunity to make some modifications and propose them a better product. Keep in mind that the users always appreciate being heard.

Have faith in your original idea

To believe in what you strive for is the basis of success. However, an extremely essential point is to conceive a revolutionary idea and to carry forward that idea effectively. Research is also a key factor. A well-researched idea and the app developed around it will automatically stand out. After the research you need to carefully consider the basic features, the purpose and the execution.

Critical analysis

Be a self-critic. Have faith in your idea but not a blind one. Always remain open-minded, learn feedback and try to improve your app. Why a user should be interested in your app and install it on their phones? – This is the question which you should ask if you’re looking to become a successful android app developer.

Not only app development but solving the ongoing issues and providing customers the best and easiest ways to utilize it shall be the core reasons for the app development.

Keep in sight the latest trends

As the technology develops this becomes the most important aspect as every day the customer demands are reviving too.

The majority of android users give preference to the applications which have cloud support. It is convenient and desirable to have data stored on multiple devices as it provides the independence of access on the go. The cloud-based technology is anticipated to become the most favorite for multi-synchronization of apps.

Another important feature that an Android app developer should keep in track is that the app should have maximum security measures. The data transfer should be secure enough for inevitable information threats and attacks. It is a common expectation from app developers that they implement a stronger encryption of data and continual security updates to attain privacy in mobile apps.

The incorporation of AR is also the latest drift. The power of reality apps cannot be underestimated. AR has drastically changed the way we interact with technology. Most of the latest apps are integrating AR to get to the maximum numbers of consumers.

Google’s instant apps have been trialing with ways people can access an application without the download and Android Instant Apps is a step ahead in that direction. This will bring an engrossing experience for users since it empowers Android Apps to run promptly, with just a few taps on the screen after the link is opened or searched.

A well-maintained portfolio

A portfolio is the proof of your competence and specialties. A well-developed profile is necessary whether you are a job-seeker or a freelance enthusiast. A portfolio should include your basic information, an easily accessible contact and a profile picture. Also, it is significant to add a Bio section that has a little synopsis about who you are.

It is crucial to include relevant skills and experience you’ve gained but emphasize on the work you really want to do; provide some background about what you did exceptional in a certain project, or request some clients to present testimonials that define your work.

Deeply apprehend the Android market

To gain success as an Android application developer you should know the aptitude of the customers. The truth is that Android has reasonably bigger market than iOS, but they don’t opt for paid apps frequently. One way to generate revenue is to have free initial version and then a paid upgrade. The other means is to develop a gaming app.

Keep an eye on the competitors

To have a unique app it is important to know the previously running products in the market. Acknowledge those apps, their exclusive features and business layout. This will help you to decide the cost efficiency of your app.


The success may seem far fetched or impossible in the beginning, but with the right team like android app Development Company in New Jersey you can aim high and achieve the goals you strive for.  To gain success as an android app developer is not an easy task, but is definitely achievable. All you need is right strategy, ample research, competitive expertise and an exceptional vision.