/Review: Oukitel K6000 Pro Smartphone

Review: Oukitel K6000 Pro Smartphone

When it comes to mobile phones, the top problem that each and every individual has is battery energy. We’ve seen battery energy become a bit more effective, as well as bigger. But mobile phones still don’t last a complete day for a lot of individuals. Oukitel’s primary promoting function in their mobile phones is their battery energy. They’ve put out mobile phones like the K4000, K6000 and K10000, all of which we’ve analyzed already and have obtained awesome battery energy outcomes.

Oukitel smartphone provides this one in white-colored, greyish, and silver. We have the white-colored style here, as you can probably tell, and because of that, you are able to see all of the sensors and such on the top section of the system. So on the top end, you see the front-facing digital camera on the remaining aspect, and then a group of sensors on the right aspect. Of course, the presenter bbq grill is in the center. Furthermore, since Oukitel went with capacitive important factors here, its challenging to see them on this white-colored style. Especially since they don’t light up. After a while you do get used to where the control buttons are, but it can still be a bit of an irritation.

The MediaTek MT6753 has been a relatively well-known processer among many mobile phones in this cost variety. It’s an octa-core processer presenting eight Cortex-A53 cores all which is 1.3GHz. This is combined with the Mali-T720 GPU along with 3GB of RAM. Pretty reasonable components, when you think about it. And during our time with the Oukitel K6000 Pro, it conducted very well. There were a few slowdowns, but that could be linked to applications and activities performing a bit crazy – as that does occur from a chance to time.

As described already, the Oukitel smartphone comes with a 5.5-inch board with a 1080p great quality. It’s an IPS display with about 401 p per inches. Obviously this isn’t a QHD display here, so it won’t look too excellent in exclusive truth. But for your regular day-to-day utilization with your smart cellphone, it performs out as effective as. The Oukitel K6000 Pro has a few display configurations involved as well, providing you to modify the way the display looks, so that it is wish.
Battery Life

Probably the most exciting aspect about this evaluation is battery energy. Oukitel’s K6000 Pro has 6,000mAh battery energy. Now for most mobile phones, that would be huge, but Oukitel does have a bigger one – in the Oukitel K10000. We took the Oukitel smartphone with us on holiday and the cellphone survived around 3 periods before requiring to be energized – of course that wasn’t on huge utilization really. But most of that time structure it could last around two periods, and we were able to near the coast on 10 time of on display time, a couple of periods. Really amazing, when you think about it.

In brief, if you are looking for a smart cellphone with a huge battery energy, that will last you all day, if not two complete periods, than the Oukitel K6000 Pro is definitely the way to go. There’s not much to grumble about when it comes to the Oukitel K6000 Pro. While it doesn’t have the most high-end specifications, that you would see out of New Samsung, LG, HTC, Samsung, Lenovo, and even Meizu and Xiaomi, the specifications on the K6000 Pro will definitely take a position up to flagships appearing this season and next.