How Link Building Produces Results

All SEO services in the world have a particular strong focus on a practice called Link Building. This is an important factor in the ranking of website and all internet marketers must know how to do it.
What is Link Building?
Basically, Link building is the process of being able to place links the lead to your website on another. This is used in SEO because search engines have algorithms that allow them to discover other websites by crawling to the links that are on a more popular website.
This is often considered by SEO companies as one of the hardest parts of the job because of the numerous ways links can be built. Majority of the efforts that these companies give go to executing this process well.
How do links work?
In order to know how search engines use links to discover websites, the anatomy of a link must be studied. Here is how an average link look like in code form:
The code is started with what is called an anchor tag. This is the “a” in the code. When search engines see this tag, the algorithm they have tells them that there is a link to be followed.
“href” stands for “hyperlink referral”. The value that must be inputted here is the place or item which the link will lead to. While most of the time these are websites, it could also lead to image to view or a file to download. Sometimes, there will be something aside from a URL that often begins with a # symbol. These are called local links which lead to sections of the page that the link is also on.
The anchor text of a link is basically the text someone would see in place of a link. When this text(s) is clicked, it will lead the users to wherever the hyperlink referral points to. It is recommended to format this is a different way from other text so that it can attract the attention of website visitors right away.
Finally, at the end, there is a </a> tag which simply symbolizes that the link tag has ended.
Why Does Link Building Matter to SEO?
The answer is simply because the more links a website can build, then the higher it will rank.
When search engines analyze a website and sees that it has built many links on trusted external websites, it will see that the website is trustworthy and has quality content. This is the type of website that Google’s developers know that people will love and, thus, they are ranked higher.
In the early days of SEO, marketers would manipulate the algorithm and rank their websites higher by using keyword stuffing and the similar malpractices. Nowadays, the algorithm is stricter in order to still give searcher the quality information they are searching for.
Basically, Link Building is Google’s way of knowing if a website is trustworthy. It determines this by seeing if other trusted websites also link to it. To the algorithm, it means that it must have quality content if a reliable source uses it as a resource of reference. Thus, it will bring its rankings up so that people can find useful information.
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