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5 Widely Used Android Apps for Doctors – Newtbiz

Today we live in a smart world where everything is digitized and readily available with just one touch. Like every other field, health and medicine are also been digitized.Variety of iOS and Android apps for doctors are available on the internet. It helps them to diagnose and analyze patients medical reports and prescribe the medicine accordingly. Here is the list of 5 outstanding android apps for doctors, take a look:

Epocrates (iOS, Android)

This app is said to be the best among other medical apps. This is available for you on both iOS and Android Platforms. Million of downloads of this app shows its effectiveness and popularity. All the physicians across the country use this app because of its simple interface. It has incredible features like drug information and interactions. Doctors can readily calculate the patient’s BMI as well using this. Also, they can consult other drug providers regarding any drug or prescription.
Most of the services of the app are free yet in-app purchases are also available for some additional functionality like lab guides, alternative drugs, and information regarding the disease.

UpToDate (iOS, Android)

UpToDate is another top notch app for doctors and medical specialists out there. This app is a complete encyclopedia of medical knowledge giving the user an option to search for any query or question related to medicine. The app is available on both iOS and Android platform yet it is not free to use and actually very expensive as well. Its annual subscription starts from $499 per year for one user.

Doximity (iOS, Android)

Doximity can be termed as the social network of doctors. This app claims to be a useful tool for more than 40% of the US doctors and you can readily join the physician network by joining the app. Other interesting features include communication with other doctors, send HIPPA-secure faxes, and follow latest news and trends according to your particular field. Again this app is free to download but require a handsome amount to join the network (membership fee).

Read by QxMD (iOS, Android)

As the name is implying this app Read provides the doctors and medical practitioners an opportunity to read all the medical literature. Just like a magazine format, this app gives you an option to read medical journals, download studies, reports, research papers and articles from a cloud of information including open access material, Pubmed as well as latest studies from listed institutions.
Thousands of downloads are evident that physicians are keen to use this app to keep themselves updated with recent trends and studies going on in their respective fields. This app offers free as well as paid content.

Isabel (iOS, Android)

Isabel is an assistant tool for a physician to diagnose any disorder or disease. It provides a solid ground to the doctor to double check their diagnosis. Because its results are verified and tested by thousands of research studies. These are further cross-checked by many different medical journals. Its database covers over 6,000 disease presentations and symptoms. And it has the ability to refine the results based on patient’s age, gender and travel history. It requires a yearly subscription of $119.99 to avail its functionality.

To Conclude – 

These 5 Android Apps for Doctors help them in their work. But some people see phones as a health hazard, which is not the case. Like any other thing in this world they can be beneficial too if used in correct manner.