Modular or Full face helmets: Which one to buy?

When safety is concerned when riding the motorbike, it becomes crucial to wear helmets. Unfortunately very few people are aware of the importance of wearing helmets when riding their bikes and feel it to be a waste. Accidents involving bikes are only increasing in numbers across the globe. it is necessary to understand that helmets are not for meant style or a burden, but actually is a protection to the rider. There are many who simply feel wearing helmets to be somewhat ‘uncool’ stuff. But what they fail to understand is that they are compromising with their health and life. Several accidents have even led to death! No one would like to find himself ended up in an accident causing him severe injury on the neck or the head, just because of not using a quality helmet.

Which type of helmet is perfect to be worn?

Several options and styles of helmets can be found in the market. The safest and the most popular ones sold are modular helmets and full face helmets India. Although they might appear the same on the very first look, there are indeed few differences. Doing research on them and getting to know their details will be useful to select the most appropriate one.

Both modular and full face helmets are considered to be ‘full face’, since it helps to protect the entire head and the face area. it also includes the chin which can be termed to be huge benefits especially when safety of the head and neck is concerned. It is their structuring to protect the head which is termed to be their main difference.

The full face types do come with fixed chin bar, while the modular types have hinged chin bar which could be rotated down and up to meet the rider’s convenience and comfort. It also offers the users with greater helmet freedom.

Benefits offered

Using modular helmets, the wearer simply needs to lift up the face mask and chin bar. This will allow him to perform simply things, not requiring having the helmet removed completely, like dink, eat, pump gas or converse.

But full face helmets do not offer this kind of freedom to the user, which means, he has to remove the helmet completely. It can prove to be a hassle to few people, who are looking for greater freedom.  Hence, buy full face helmet or modular helmet, depending upon individual preference, style and needs.

Which one to choose?

Modular or full face helmet! The answer here lies in individual preference and liking. There is actually no loser or winner. The full face type is considered to be more quiet and lighter on the head. Both helmets are ISI approved and safe to be worn by all bikers.

Again, it is entirely up to the rider to make the right choice. he should identify a helmet which he likes to wear when riding the bike and finds it comfortable. Rather, it needs to be the perfect fit and enhance his riding personality.

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