When it comes to the decision of selling an RV, we get to meet two types of sellers in the market. One who is emotional and finds it hard to part with the old rig, and the other who is practical and tackles the selling process professionally. However, it doesn’t matter what kind of seller you are because either way you need to step into the shoes of the buyers to think what features should be added or replaced in the RV to impress and get the best deal. Advanced appliances, fresh quote of paint, brand new wiring – yes, these can transform the appearance of your old van. But to sell an RV online,you need to add an extra edge to gain attention of the buyers. And if you want to grab that opportunity, remove and replace the old flooring with a brand new one. This will transform the entire appearance of the van.

If you want, hire an expert to remove the old carpet and install a new one inside your motor home. But, you can do this replacement job on your own too with these following steps.

  1. Select the Carpet

Since you are planning to sell your old RV, it is necessary to select the right quality carpet that can add a refreshing touch. Therefore, look for a color that will not show dirt easily; and at the same time, it will make the old rig look bright. Usually, the living area experiences the maximum traffic in a motor home. It is better to go for a low pile carpet because it is easy to maintain due to low dirt retention. Vacuuming and cleaning is also easy. So, even if the carpet gets tacky, it can be cleaned and your buyer can even replace it with a new low pile carpet which is comparatively cheaper than the higher ones.

  1. Remove the Furniture

Even before you start looking for the right carpet, do not forget to measure the carpet area of your RV. Remove all the furniture and calculate properly to save yourself from spending excess on the flooring.

At the time of installation, you need to put on extra effort for removing thefront seats and the lower panel on the sofa. But if you know the right techniques for removing the furniture, installation will not be difficult.

  1. Remove the Old Carpet

Cover your eyes, ears and nose before removing the old carpet. Put on a respirator to protect yourself from inhaling dirt, harmful chemicals and mold. Always start pulling from one corner of the RV. In case the carpet gets stuck somewhere in the middle, use a straight-edged knife to lift the edge of the flooring. Once the carpet is removed, your next task will be to pull the pad up. Some of the padding will stick onto the floor, which you can remove using small putty knife or scraper.

You are not done yet because the glue from the old carpet is still on the RV floor. Just apply a little adhesive remover on the glue and then clean the floor with a mild detergent and water.

Tada!! Your RV floor is free from old carpet remnants.

  1. Install the New Carpet

Place a layer of tack strip on the edges of the floor before you start installing the new carpet. Roll the new carpet over the tack strip and start tapping it. Use an automated stretching machine to lay the carpet properly at the corners. For the slide-out on your RV, make sure the carpet is laid in a manner that it remains unaffected even in constant motion. Do not forget to trim the carpet with a utility knife.

While you are replacing the carpet with a brand-new one, check out if there are any other damp or wet spots on the floor. If you come across any, repair immediately because it is your duty to ensure that you are selling only a good quality RV online. A lot of trust is involved in selling and buying a pre-owned item and you wouldn’t want to play with that.