Do you ever feel bored on a flight with no company? Or do you feel the need to have some music without using Wi-fi. I have listed the best music apps without Wi-fi which you can use whenever you want to listen to some great music.

1.Music Player music app

Starting the article with the music app having the maximum star rating. It contains a huge list of songs with everyone’s favorite tracks. It is one of the best music players for android users and will take your music listening experience to another level. It is a product of Inshot, a company with one of the best video making app. If you are not convinced till now then I will tell you all the exciting features of Music Player app to justify myself-

a. It has a Ringtone maker which enables you to make your current favorite song, your ringtone. 

b. It supports all the audio and music formats. 

c. You can view the song list under many categories such as songs, album, singers etc. 

d. It has a built-in equalizer system for an enhanced music experience. 

2. AIMP Music app

This is one of the best music apps without Wi-fi. It is known for its simple and easy to use interface. This app doesn’t distract you from your music listening hobby. In my opinion, this music app will never dissatisfy you in any way. If you are not getting my point then I have listed some of the features below to justify my point, Supports many formats such as AAC, APE, MP2, MP3, WEBM etc.

a. It has a graphic equalizer of 29- band

b. It contains a sleep timer.

c. It has a playback speed control and balance control.

3. JetAudio Music app

This app owns a 4.3 star rating on google play store which makes it one of the best music apps without using wifi. One of the favorite qualities of this app is that it allows us to listen to the song in compact form and that’s how it doesn’t take up much space in our mobiles.The free version of this app is as good as the paid one but if you don’t want to see any ads then go for its premium version. Now some of its features are, 

a. You will get a 10 band equalizer with 32 presets.

b. It has playback speed control. 

c. It has automatic gain control. 

d. If you subscribe for the premium version then you will get many useful widgets and many exciting features. 

 4. Pulsar Music app

This music app resembles the real meaning of Pulsar i.e. it is the star of all music apps without wifi as it is liked by many. Google has also given a rating of 4.7 to this app. It is the perfect version of a music app as it supports many functionalities. It comes with chromecast and android auto support. Here the cherry on the cake is, it is free of advertisements. Now I know that you have already installed it on your phones by reading my above points but still I will tell you some of its features, 

a. It has a very pretty user interface with animation. 

b. Fast and easy search system 

c. You can adjust the speed of the song. 

d. Google voice command support is there.

5. BlackPlayer Music app

This app is also in the ‘A’ category of music apps without wi-fi as this has a rating of 4.5 on Google play store and a huge no. of positive reviews. It is a free Mp3 music player with one million plus downloads. It won’t eat up your phone’s RAM as it is only of 9.5 Mb so what are you waiting for, go and download this music app but first read the features which I have written below for your information- 

a. It has customizable themes, colors and animations.

b. It contains 5 Band equalizer and 3D surround virtualizer and amplifier.

c. It supports Android auto and wear OS.

d. It is very easy to navigate. 

6. Rocket Player Music app

This one is the most experienced one as this has entertained us from way back. Still it is giving competition to the new ones, and that is an achievement in itself. 10 million plus people are enjoying this music app right now and you must be convinced by this no. You will see many features in the app and it is also free. Some of its useful features are, 

a. It has Chromecast support.

b. 30 plus themes .

c. It has a feature of podcast bookmarks. 

 d. Play many audio formats such as mp3, mp4, ogg, mpc etc.


7. Pixel Player Music app

Not as famous as the previous ones but still it owns a rating of 4.1 star which is commendable. People love to use this app as it has many positive reviews on Google play store. Now please look at its features, 

a. You can listen to radio and podcasts.

b. It has bass- boost and 3D sound which make it a powerful music player.

c. It has 3 different themes to choose from, light, black and dark grey

d. It has lockscreen and notification control.


8. Phonograph Music player app

If you love its name then you will definitely love its themes, as it contains a large no. of dynamic themes which make its interface very attractive. It is one of the perfect music apps without wi-fi to listen to radio and podcasts also. Some features are listed below,

     a.Very easy to use. 

     b. It has an inbuilt theme engine which makes it the best looking music player app.

     c. It has a homescreen widget.

     d. You can create and edit playlists.

9. Shuttle music player app

This app was built by a music lover and we can conclude from there that it must has great taste. One million people have already downloaded this app and are enjoying listening to music thoroughly. It is a one of the powerful and lightweight music apps without wi-fi which only acquires 4 MB in your RAM. Some of its exciting features are, 

 a. It has a modern interface.

 b. It contains customizable widgets.

 c. Has embedded lyrics.

 d. 6 band equalizer with bass boost.

10. Poweramp music player app

 Last but not the least because this holds a very nice rating of 4.4 on Google play store and also one of the best music apps without wi-fi. If you don’t believe me then go and check out the reviews. I have listed its main features to justify myself, 

  a. It has a 10 band equalizer.

   b. It supports many file formats such as MP3, Mp4, Wav etc.

    c. It has a powerful bass.

    d. It contains user defined presets. 


music apps without wi-fi

If you are a music lover then check this out, you will be benefited for sure.