No matter how many models of cars are launched these days, the automobile companies have not made a car that does not get rust or wear out. Even though I have some tips to store your old car, it is important to note that even the most expensive car parts will require replacement or adjustments when the time comes. It is depressing to know; because a person who is spending his life saving amounts just buy, a new car has to work harder to replace the car parts in the future. Not all parts of the cars are expensive as for the windshield or the covers of the car seats are cheap and can be changed easily. However, when it comes to the technical parts of the car, they are the most expensive car parts and also hard to get.

One of the common questions asked by several car owners is “at what fuel mileage, the car parts start to have a problem?” Well, as per many experts, it depends on the running of the car, as well as the performance of the car.

Every car part has a lifespan, with this; it also depends on the driving style of the car. Not all car parts start to fall at the same time, every car part has a different life span, and some may fall in the first year while some will last for 5 years.

Most Expensive Parts of the Car

If you think that the light bulb or the side mirrors of the car needs to be replaced, so they are not the expensive parts of the car. The car’s most expensive parts will be damaged either the car style or the performance. Some of the most important and expensive car parts are as follows.

  1. Engine
  2. Cylinders
  3. Head Gasket
  4. Transmission
  5. Camshaft
  6. Compressor
  7. Air Flow sensor
  8. Hybrid or Electric car parts
  9. Car Keys
  10. Car battery

The Engine of the Car

The most important part of the car is the Engine. It is the most expensive as well as the most crucial part of the car. Sometimes because of stern abandonment, the car engine fails to perform, which results in changing the complete car engine. It is a painful task, financially and mentally to replace the complete engine of the car. If you want to avoid this situation and save you expense, you must start taking appointments from the people who are experts in repairing the specific model engine.

most expensive car part


Happens a few times but to lucky ones, if your expert tells you that you do not have to change the complete engine, but few cylinders are a piece of great news for the car owners. Although the cylinders are also expensive but less than the car engine. It is one of the primary part of the car, which supports the car to work properly and perform well on rough roads. Make sure to take the advice of the professionals, when you are planning to replace the cylinder. It is less expensive to replace it, then to install the new ones.

Most expensive car part

Head Gasket

Another most expensive part of the car, which helps to block the leakage in the engine. If your head gasket falls apart, it will cost you more than thousand dollars to put a new head gasket. So, make sure that your car services well in three to six months and well inspected, so that you have no head gasket blow.

Most Expensive car parts


If you have a manual car, make sure you are an expert in changing gears, otherwise you will lose your transmission of the car. If you have, an automatic car checks your transmission fluids occasionally, so that you may not lose any loopholes. The transmission is one of the expensive car parts, which is easy to overlook. You must ask for expert advice before working out the new transmission system.

Most expensive car part

Car keys

How will you enter the car, if you do not have a working car lock? On the other hand, you lose the car keys, well if you are driving the new model car; it will cost you more than thousands, even if it is a used car. The new cars have a push-to-start system; you cannot get the duplicate car keys of the new model. So to have another set of car keys you are required to spend money on it. Here, some of the brief parts of the car are explained.

most expensive car parts

These were some of the most expensive car parts which you should remember always while planning to replace. Several people tend to buy cheap used cars for sale online in New Zealand; it is advisable to check all the parts of the car, if you do not know anything about the cars then take an expert with you. The problems may start even before you started driving, or it may begin during the six months of your drive.