Are you wondering how it is possible to make money just by using apps available on android? Then yes it is absolutely possible to make money using apps and there are people who are literally earning in thousands and lakhs using these money making apps for android which are listed below.

Isn’t it fun that you get paid for just using the apps as we can do that through the day? Well if you also want to know these apps then stick to this article as here are some of the best apps for making money on android.

8 Best Money Making Apps For Android

These apps are easily available on play store that will help you earn money by using them.

1. Etsy

Etsy- Money Making Apps For Android

Etsy is a free app that is used by many artists, tinkerers and people who love to sell artistic products. People around the Globe can view and purchase your products, it is one of the best platforms for handmade stuff shop owners and artistic persons can sell whatever products they want to sell at the set prices. This is one of the best apps for making just by creating wonderful products.

2. Make Money – Free Cash App

Make Money-Best Money Making Apps For Android

This app can be used by anyone and is completely free. In this app, you have to simply perform small tasks live writing reviews, playing games, testing, taking surveys, and stuff like that and in return, you earn some credits and after your credits reach a certain limit you can redeem these credits for cash using Paypal. It is a great app for people who do not want to invest much time but want money from apps.

3. Roz Dhan: Earn Money, Read News, and Play Games

Money Making Apps For Android-Roz Dhan

Have you ever heard of an app that pays you for reading news? If no then Roz Dhan will pay you to pay for the same. This is one of the best and easy money making apps for android as you have to perform extremely simple tasks like signing up on different apps, walking, inviting friends, reading and sharing news, playing games and using the scratch card activities.

This app gives you Rs 50 on sign up and you also get access to personal loan offers, shopping offers and others. For people who do not like to perform the complex task then this is one of the best money making apps for android in that case.

4. Math Cash – Solve and Earn Rewards

Money Making Apps For Android-Math Cash

If you love solving maths problems then what can be better then earning money from it. In this app, you get paid for cracking arithmetic expressions that involve the addition, subtraction, division, multiplication. You need to face challenges from different people around the World.

This app is very useful for students as it will increase their mental ability skills and can simple earn their pocket money from the same.

You can earn by point by guessing the secret number, taking maths-related surveys and performing tasks, inviting friends and when they play using referral code you earn points for the same.

5. Money App – Cash for Free Apps

Money App-Money Making Apps For Android

In this app, you earn for rewards for watching videos, completing surveys, plating free games, testing free services, giving opinions, endorsements, free trials. The best part about this app is that it daily features a new task so that you never get bored by performing the repeated tasks every day.

There are no time boundation in this app you can use as much as you want without any limits. Make sure that you carefully read all the instructions carefully before signing up on this app.

6. Ibotta

Ibotta-Money Making Apps For Android

Another money-making app for android – IIbota is an app that gives you money for every purchase you make in a local store or shopping online. Basically, it helps you earn cashback on those purchases. 

IIbota helps to get money back to your account and maximize savings. 

After buying the stuff from stores, simply scan a product barcodes and send the photo of the receipt to have your purchase verified. 

7. Google opinion rewards

Google opinion rewards-Money Making Apps For Android

Another cool stuff where users can money by completing the small survey giving your opinion about a product to google. In return, you will receive $1 in play credits, but the credits may vary, depending on the survey. 

You can further redeem play credits for android apps like Google music, books, movies and magazines in the play store. 

To participate in the survey, you need to download the app, answer the basic question about yourself and sit back to receive your first questionnaire. 

8. Loco – Play Free Games, Cricket, Live Trivia & Win

Loco-Money Making Apps For Android

Loco is one of the popular money making apps for android in India, you simply need to play games and answer general knowledge questions asked in this app. It is a great way to improve your general awareness and earning some extra bucks for the same.

The best part about this app is that you can play games in local languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali if you are not comfortable in English.

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