What are the best tips for skin care in winter?

Winter air is deficient with moisture and the lack of humidity is nothing but the lack of moisture which makes it dry. And the increasing cold decreases the moisture level, and when this dry chilling wind blows it takes away the moisture of the hydrated skin as well. This is why dry, flaky skin is the highlight of the season. In a dry environment, water is lost from the keratinocytes – or skin cells – leaving skin feeling sore and chapped, it dries the natural oils. Winter, therefore, becomes the season of skin problems.

Let’s save 5 tips to arm the skin for the battle against winters!

  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking 8–10 glasses of water per day. Avoid hot water, use lukewarm water instead.
  • Apply moisturizer which is oil/cream based and avoid water based moisturizer during cold season. Avoid any products with alcohol.
  • Try a good microdermabrasion paste. I would only recommend using it 1–2 times a weekly with light pressure to help remove dead skin cells and apply a good moisturizer immediately following.
  • Protect your skin from environmental aggressors that can attribute to your dry skin by using a good sunscreen.
  • Use night cream before going to sleep

Besides, your skin needs an extra care during winter:

Cleansing – Wash your face 2-3 times a day and deep cleanse at night before going to bed.

Scrubbing – Scrubbing should be an integrated part of your beauty routine. In winter limits scrubbing to once or twice in a week.

Toning – Skin secretes more oil in winter to compensate for the dryness. Thus, winter care for oily skin means more diligent toning in winter.

Moisturizing – You still need to moisturize your skin daily. Instead of a thick cold cream, you can use almond or olive oil to moisturize without blocking pores.

Face Packs – In winter apply homemade hydrating masks to lock in moisture. Use readily available ingredients like honey, buttermilk, avocado, yogurt, olive and jojoba oils & almond oils.

Stay hydrated inside – Dry skin loses a lot of moisture. Keep drinking water regularly to keep your body and skin hydrated.

Sunscreen – During winter the sun might seem weak, but you still need protection from it. Don’t skip the sunscreen in winter season.

Choose right moisturizer – Always use those moisturizer which are made from only natural ingredients. Use Coal Glow moisturizer that gives excellent result.

Stay away from fried food – Avoid heavy cheesy, fried and sugary foods in winter as this puts more pressure on your body.

Eat healthy – Eat fresh and healthy foods. Add vitamins A and E to your diet.

Hope some of these can help you remove scare of skin problems in winter!

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