In the CPA marketing, you will get a business reward for the one or more visitors or customers to your associate links. It is a performance based marketing and it has four core players they are the merchant, network, publisher, and vendors. The marketing overlaps with the other internet marketing because affiliates often use regular advertising methods such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, content marketing, and display advertising. Some will use only orthodox techniques like service offered by a partner and publishing reviews of products. The CPA marketing becomes more successful with the events such as sales lead, form fill or purchase. It also improved its growth on mobile platforms and also benefiting from other offers from mobile content services.The CPI (Cost per Install) marketing is an affiliate network that provides offers to the mobile media buyers, app developers and to make money promoting apps and games. The mobile cpi offers a wide range of content locking tools that generates revenue using your ad locking technology.

AdLock Media and is preferred by the developers and publishers

An AdLock is a specialist in content locking technology which is done with a CPA based performance. It integrates incentive CPA offers and CPI mobile App installs that provide content locking tools and this will increase the revenue of your website. If you are looking for a CPA offer and mobile cpi offers the network will provide exclusive CPA offers and CPI mobile App installs. This allows visitors from all the countries and devices this will generate the revenue of your website by ad lock technology. The developers and the publishers prefer the AdLock media because it offers top and the best performance in the industry. They will constantly update the network to help you to earn money using customer publisher dashboard and tracking platform. The network contains a wide range of tools that are available for a developer includes incentive friendly offer wall and API post backtracking.

Always on-time payments: They do payments on time for every time and work with their advertisers to make sure to get the highest payouts for you and for every lead generated to get the best conversions.

Tracking and detailed reporting: The network ensures you to get the highest return on your traffic of your website. It contains algorithms that help the visitors to your website to receive the best CPA offers in the industry. The tracking platform providesa real-time statistic on all the visitors of your website and contains custom designs that ensure your visitors to get the highest converting offers like mobile friendly CPI offers.

Competitive offer rates: The network is always working with the best advertisers who ensure you to get the highest payout for every offer. As they are the exclusive CPA network so they allow only the qualified publishers and this will help to get the better conversion and higher rates through their advertising partners.