Link Building 101: The Value of Link Metrics

The best SEO companies in the Philippines all practice good link building. This ensures good SEO and boosted page rankings. In order to master this important strategy, certain value of Link Metrics must be considered when placing a link on a page. 

Strength of the Domain

This refers to the overall authority of a new domain. It depends on its age, size, and popularity. All these factors will dictate how strong a domain is when it comes to link building.

While it is essential to be able to know how strong one’s own domain is, it is equally as important to be able to know how strong the domains are of those sites that link to his website. This is so that he would know where to focus his link building efforts on. Doing this will have a more significant impact on his website’s rankings.

Page Ranking

While the domain strength refers to the whole website, page rank refers to the specific pages within that website. Maybe a certain article on that website is generating more traffic than the rest of the domain. The page rank is the metric that any link builder needs in order to find out what these pages are. These are the pages where they would want their link to be in. Using this technique is particularly useful for older website with some useful evergreen content. .

Amount of Links

Knowing the number of built links is essential to any link builder. They have to know which ones are active, in the process of being built, and most especially those that are no longer active. While this metric is useful to see the efficiency of their efforts, it’s also useful to see how well the competitors are doing. Checking their links is a great way to see if link builders are ahead of the game or behind.

Amount of Domains

To rank higher, links must not only be built at big amounts, but also from different domains as well. Google ranks a website with backlinks from many different domains higher than those with backlinks from a single domain. In the eyes of the algorithm, sites like the latter have only received the trust of one other website; no matter how many links are built on it across its multiple pages. 

Link Position

If a link builder has established 100 links, but all of them are in the footnotes, then it’s not a good link either. It may be good in the eyes of Google, but there will be significantly less organic foot traffic. This is an extreme case, but it just goes to show how important the link positioning is. Not only that, but the anchor text to which it is attached to also matters. The best link position would be on a piece of text in which the reader’s mind is already so curious and he would want to learn more. 

Key Takeaway

Basically, links must be placed in multiple pages and domains with high traffic and they must be attached to anchor text that will draw organic clicks. The company just has to be sure that they can afford to build these links and they will watch the ranks skyrocket.
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