What is Affiliate Marketing? How to Start Affiliation?

Most of us somewhere has surely seen a tagline “earn money online” or “make money even while sleeping” and other different-different lines but with the same sense and this is how people will get to know about “Affiliate Marketing” not new but purely a part of “Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing”. So here we are with what Is Affiliate Marketing & how it works? Let’s take a look.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing can be defined as a process where a merchant paying a commission to different on line entities, called affiliates, for referring new business to the service provider’s website. Affiliate marketing is performance-primarily based, which means affiliates best receives a commission when their promotional efforts really result in a transaction. Commission can be fluctuate depending on the products offering. Take an example:

What is Affiliation Process?

1) Lets someone decide to buy any specific products online.
2) The person will go online and search for that product and lands on one affiliate site.
3) When he will click to buy option he will be sent to Merchant Website where he can finally confirm the purchase make the payment.
4) After successful payment of buyer, affiliate will get a decided % of commission.

How to Start Affiliation?

1) First Make the Affiliate Website of products in which you are interested and you want to feature with good commission percentage.
2) Take a tour of Sign Up Affiliate program of Merchant Site for example Amazon, and obtain your “Unique Tracking Code”
3) Whenever you will refer any product on your affiliate website, put your Unique Tracking Affiliate Link with your recommendation.
4) Now, if any of the visitor from on your site buys a product, you get a percentage share of assured commission.


Now there may be few question arises like:

1) There are numbers of affiliate websites offering the same products and if buyer will go through few of them and made a purchase then who will get the final commission?

Answer: The complete process of buying and selling involves the “Tracking URL” which is nothing but a Unique Link allotted to every affiliate website. The Merchant Companies maintain the track record of every sale and traffic that from where it has done with Tracking URL

2) If one person come to the website and click on certain product but do not confirm the purchase and return back. Few days later he will buy the same product but from some other affiliate website, in this case who will get affiliation commission?

Answer: Every merchant website has its own “Cookies Policy”. When someone clicks the product the cookies will get infected with Unique Tracking Code for certain period of time. This time period policy may vary to different Merchants. For example it can be 30 days for one merchant website and 45 days for other one. So if one person who already clicks the product from affiliate website 1 will purchase the same product from affiliate website 2 within specified infected cookies policy, affiliate website 1 will get the commission.

3) What are the charges for getting enrolled at Affiliation Program of Merchant?

Answer: There are no charges for it which means you don’t have to pay a single penny. You just need to complete some document process and approved yourself which may get some days to confirmation. Also, affiliate requires no qualification. If you want to spend you can pay for PPC, Email Marketing etc if needed. But yes for any further consideration read carefully Terms & Condition of Affiliate program because few Merchant website will not allow direct promotions and you can lose your heavy commission after so much effort.

4) How to select right products and high commission?

Answer: Everything depends on your niche along with high commission paid Affiliation Program. You have to keep considering your niche timely with competitors and latest products which need to refer.

5) Is blog is necessary to for Affiliation Program?

Answer: It is not hard and fast rule to follow Affiliation program over blog but yes blog it is quite easy and helpful at the time of promoting products.

These are just some points which tells you how affiliate marketing works. To know more about Digital Marketing, enroll to DTI, New Delhi.

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