Decadurabolin is the brand name of the base hormone Nandrolone to which an ester called Deconate is added during the manufacturing process. This is an anabolic steroid which is known to increase the muscle mass and strength. It is favorite among athletes and bodybuilders as, this drug could help them to increase the amount of steroids, they use per week by stacking with other steroids but they would be able to avoid the additional side effects. Many reviews of how this cycleworks also confirm this.

What is Deca Steroid?

Though the base hormone is Nandrolone in Deca Durabolin, it is usually known by the name of the ester that is added to it called Deca. The ester chain Deca, which is added to the Nandrolone performs two important functions.

  • The Deca ester is responsible for making the hormone soluble and easy to put in an amp or a multi dose vial
  • It is also responsible for the slow release of the steroid.

Benefits of Deca Steroid?

Due to the above mentioned aspects, it is able to benefit the user by increasing the muscle mass and strength and also provides additional benefits in the form of joint relief which is helpful during workouts. Deca steroid also increases the metabolic rate in the person, which helps the person work out towards a larger, leaner and well-defined physique, which is also attributed to the nitrogen retention capacity of the steroid.

Use of Deca Steroid

There is a lotof speculation, as to whether 600mg of testosterone Enanthate and 200mg of deca steroid for a period of 10 weeks can be considered a safe cycle, especially, with regard to blood lipids and cholesterol levels. Though there are no clinical studies, reviews of how this cycle works suggest that this stack method is quite safe to follow.

 It is used by bodybuilders and athletes who want to bulk up, enhance their physical appearance and also by those who wish to increase their endurance. Decaand Testosterone stack cycles also provide other health benefits such as better red cell production, healthy appetite, increased bone density and healthy muscle growth. That is why this anabolic androgenic steroid is commonly used by body builders.

 This stack might prove to be unhealthy only if the person has blood pressure already. If the blood lipid profile is found to be unsatisfactory, while using it, one could reduce the number of weeks of using this stack, which will help to assess if the reduction has any effect on the blood lipid level.

You can buy this pill online from any reputed and credible seller of such supplements, but it is essential to find out which form of Deca steroid is legal to use in that particular country and take all the necessary precautions, before one starts this cycle to get the desired effects of building bulk and enhancing your physique. Deca steroid is suitable for use in all stages of bodybuilding.