CoinBanks is an online crypto-currencies trading platform which offers real time bitcoin trading and a number of functionalities that make the entire trading process convenient. The company has completed its 18 years of successful dealing and earned a great number of customers from around the globe.

Investment in cryptocurrency with CoinBanks is managed by professional traders, so one can get a managed account from bitcoin experts. The company has introduced HTF in bitcoin for the first time in the industry. Due to ease in the funding process, a customer can fund his account in just five minutes. Every trader wishes to track his account correctly in real time, CoinBanks offers this functionality to its clients. Another important thing to highlight is the safe and secure trading environment offered by CoinBanks.

BitCoin investment with CoinBanks

Bitcoins can easily be ordered on exchange after depositing money from bank account to CoinBanks account. Bitcoins can be withdrawn to trader’s wallet once the order is filled. A client can purchase this digital currency from exchanges or simply contact people through the marketplace.

CoinBanks require personal information from its clients in order to prevent any fraudulent activities. This sort of information is also required to become compliant with AML and KYC regulations. Coinbanks run a 3D safe payment which ensures client’s personal security and safety. They accept MasterCard, Visa and Wire transfers. ACH acceptability is available only for clients from the United States.

There are hundreds of Bitcoin companies available on the internet, however, a few notable things make Coinbanks different. They let you invest in commodities, currencies, CFDs and indices. Their support desk is available round the clock if a potential client needs any assistance regarding the selection of the correct mode of investment.

PAMM Accounts and their Working Mechanism

The term PAMM stands for the Percent Allocation Management Module. The purpose of this particular account is to raise investment for the management through Forex trader. These accounts are easy way for people to prudently choose their money managers to run Forex trading activities. PAMM account help investor to make profits without involving too much in the trade. Although the PAMM account offers an opportunity to make larger profits, yet it also involve risk of capital loss depending upon the execution of trades by one’s account manager. It is responsibility of a customer to deeply understand the potential of risks and profits, plus choose a money manager and a PAMM account broker very carefully.

How do PAMM Account Operate?

The CoinBanks PAMM Account provides an investment opportunity that offers investors a chance to earn money online without involving themselves too much in Forex. Account managers also get the opportunity to make more money through managing accounts for their clients.

An account manager is in charge to open a PAMM account and then invest a specific portion of his own capital which is also known as the manager’s capital. An account manager is never capable of withdrawing this amount of money. Afterwards, he makes his portfolio in order to mention the terms and conditions. These are necessary to list for the investors. This mostly includes a particular percentage of profit the investors will have to pay in compensation.

The top rated PAMM account can be seen under Ratings and this is where the investors can choose their desired account to invest in. The manager starts trading once the account is created with the capital of both the manager and the investors. Profits and losses are divided between the investors and the manager in accordance with their share in account.

Account Types at CoinBanks

CoinBanks offer a number of account types for its clients. Each of these has its own benefits and requirements. Let’s discuss each briefly.

Bronze (Test)

A trader must have a minimum investment of $2000 in order to open this account on CoinBanks. He will get a personal account manager and one trading session every week.

Silver (Test)

Get $5000 to have this account opened for trading. This account holder will get a personal account analyst, one educational training session and two trading sessions per week.

Gold (Test)

Requiring a minimum deposit of $10000, the Gold account lets you benefit from a senior account analyst. Plus the investor will get three trading and 2 education sessions each week.

Platinum (PAMM)

Deposit a minimum of $50,000 and get served by a senior account chief analyst, two trading sessions per week and a full-fledged educational package.

Diamond (PAMM)

To become owner of a diamond premium account, a trader should invest a minimum amount of $100,000. In return he will get services of the senior account chief analyst, four trading sessions per week and a complete educational package to be able to trade better.


A trader can open this account with a minimum deposit of $250,000. CoinBanks will serve this account holder with a senior account chief analyst, daily signals and a full education package.