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Safe and Healthy Home

Why Happiness is a Safe and Healthy Home?

Having a home of your own is at the heart of a quality life. It’s the only real way to create a lasting personal space so you and your family can live with privacy and security.

But any home worth living in needs to be safe. By this, I don’t just mean it has it has solid locks on the doors or is not on the verge of falling down or located near an aging nuclear reactor.

I’m talking about the invisible things that can work overtime to cause health problems and drag down your quality of life and the value of your property.

I’m talking about organisms like bed bugs and dust mites and mold. And conditions such as damp or dry air that allow these creatures to thrive.

And I’m talking about the quality of the water that gushes out of the taps that you use for drinking, cooking, and washing.

Your Home’s Invisible Pests and Dangers

Love your carpets? So do I. I luxuriate in them. But so do a lot of unwanted organisms such as dust mites who love your carpets as their home as much as you love yours.

My rugs and carpets are a major part of why my residence is so snug and homely. That’s why I make sure I keep them scrupulously clean right down to the core. And I don’t use chemicals to do it, either.

Does a dank and horrid smell ever assail your nostrils especially in your basement or crawl spaces? If so your home may be under attack from damp.

Dampness attacks your home and health in many insidious ways. Damp air is extremely unhealthy and creates the ideal environment for fungi, mold and other organisms that can cause serious problems on many levels.

If your home’s not damp, don’t congratulate yourself yet. Dryness can be just as bad. If you live in the desert states, you may think you can rest content that damp is the least of your worries.

The sad fact is that dryness brings its own set of problems. Numerous allergens love dry air but your nose and throat doesn’t. The result is chronic coughs colds and other miseries.

Dry air also attacks any wood in your home causing warping and cracking of items such as floorboards, furniture, and guitars. Your plants aren’t too happy about it either.

Then there’s the vital matter of the water that flows into your home.

Do You Trust Your Water Supply?

Can you trust what comes out of your tap?

You probably think your local waterworks takes care of making sure the water that pours out of your taps is pure and clean. Well, they try.

But consider this. The chemicals they add to the water including chlorine bring their own problems. And secondly, the pipes that bring your water from the treatment plant could contain their own dangers with rust and other pollutants that can seep in through cracked from the surrounding soil.

Why a Safe Home is a Happy Place

As a family man, I take matters concerning my home very seriously. That said, I do all in my power to make it a fun and relaxed place.

Like you, I regard my home as far more than a structure of concrete to protect me from the elements and give privacy. It’s really space where my life and that of my family unfolds and for that reason, it has been the best that I can create.

So how do we define and measure ‘quality of life’? It seems so subjective. But for me, there’s no ambiguity. A quality home has clean air, clean drinking water and is free from things that cause disease and distress such as bed bugs and dust mites.

And a quality home is also one where the chance of intrusions and accidents are minimized. You can go a long way to achieving this through choosing quality door locks and by getting your home lighting right.

The value of your home is another factor you need to consider. Things that do you harm also harm your home. For most people, their home is by far the most expensive purchase they’ll make in a lifetime. So by investing in items that protect your home and maintain its value is one of the smartest things you can do.

But ultimately, a safe home is a place where we never have to worry.

The thing is, if I want it to be a fun place, I know I have to be able to relax completely there with the confidence that my family is safe and healthy. That’s why my definition of happiness is a safe home.

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