Best Designs for a Corporate Office

Office design has taken many forms ever since the set-up was introduced during the early parts of the 20th century. From standard cubicles to creative open offices, there have been many attempts to create an office that is productive and lively. 
Currently, numerous co-working spaces in the Philippines are looking to present the ideal modern office for today’s generation of employees and freelancers. As the overall work environment changes, so do the office designs.Here are some of the best office designs that would definitely help create a livelier corporate office.
Office Lounge
With the advent of wireless internet and increased connectivity, offices are no longer as rigid and closed as they were. Offices of today focus on comfort and promotes a relaxed environment that evokes more calm. This makes having dedicated office lounge much more necessary, as lounges have comfortable chairs and couches that allow you to work more comfortably, which would make your work much more enjoyable.
Multipurpose Office
The days of the office cubicle are numbered, as the open and creative office is now the most popular design, as they have been proven to promote a better workplace. Now, multipurpose offices are now becoming a trend. With adjustable chairs and tables, these offices can handle regular work seating, to important meetings and breakout sessions. Today’s offices are versatile, which would allow people to be more proactive and productive overall. 
Color-specific Offices
Most offices used to be colored white and gray, which does not actually evoke a sense of liveliness and creativity. Today’s offices are now more modular and creative, which also means that it needs colors to match. Adding color to your office helps evoke a more positive mood, and help your thoughts become more organized. Bright colors work best, as they add more life, making sure that your office will never look dull. 
Outdoor Design
One of the most popular ways of making an office livelier is by integrating some things that you usually see outdoors. This can be plants or even some wooden furniture. This gives your office that refreshing rustic look, which gives the office a more relaxed feel. This design has been proven to promote a positive and productive working environment that helps you work calmly. 
Think out of the box
With the office cubicle no longer becoming the standard, various business and companies are now getting very creative with their office designs, which leads to some wonderful and interesting designs. This encourages people to go out of the box and express themselves in the workplace. Some of these ideas include tree house offices, container rooms, office gardens, and even playground-style offices. With these creative ideas, employees would get to enjoy their work, and become more positive all around.
Key Takeaway
Office designs of the past are now being phased out, as modern office design aims to redefine what a workplace should truly be. The emphasis is now more on productivity and comfort. As these offices become more creative, expect designs to become bolder and better than ever before.
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