If you’re a photo enthusiast and you just abhor to carry a mammoth DSLR or SLR everywhere, so don’t worry here we have effortlessly solved your problem of carrying those bulky cameras. Instead of carrying massive cameras you can just download these android camera apps which will give you the equally high-quality images just like a DSLR does.

1. Google camera

Google camera is the Google official app that comes pre-installed in all the Google devices. 

This app has some awesome features that include lens blur mode, slow motion, intuitive portrait mode, photosphere, video stabilization, HDR+ and more. 

You can also find night sight features that enable users to capture great clicks in the dark. However, the android community has managed to develop google camera ports, which can bring the app on different android devices.

 2. Cymera

Cymera is one of the old and best android camera apps on google play store. Its amazing features stun its users means you’ll get a bunch of filters, stickers, camera stabilizer, timer, and silent mode that enables you to shoot really cool pictures. 

This app also includes multiple features, body shaping, smart gallery, etc. Cymera includes photo edits for minor edits. 

3. Camera FV-5

This app is one of the best DSLR camera apps for android has a lot of manual controls. Camera FV-5 is primarily designed for photography enthusiasts and professionals. 

This app comes with an intuitive interface that provides you with full ISO, light metering focus, white balance, shutter speed, etc. 

4. Footej Camera

Footej camera is one of the newer camera apps on android. In spite of this, the footej camera app kept the user interface extremely minimal. Moreover, this app is a minimalist addition to your library.

This app uses android camera2 API. It also gives access to manual ISO, animated GIF, slow motion video recording, burst mode, RAW format, and RGB histograms are supported. 

However, you can try it for free or pay $2.99 for the pro version. Under its premium package, it includes several features like high-quality JPEG images, clicks 20 burst pictures, adds time-lapse intervals of more than 10 seconds. 

5. Camera MX

Android Camera Apps- Camera MX

Camera MX is a relatively old and yet most popular android camera apps. Developers have kept their interface simple and easy to use. 

This app has a ton of features, you can create animated photos, the ability to make GIFs and a variety of shooting modes. 

One of the biggest drawbacks of its app that it lacks a few DSLR features.

6. Manual Camera

Manual camera comes with a minimalist interface and one of the first apps to take advantage of the camera2 API. 

This app has pro-level features like shutter speed, focus distance, white balance, ISO and exposure compensation. 

If you want to improve your adroitness in photography even further, so this app lets you save in RAW format to give you the best photo quality. 

7. Open Camera

Open Camera- android cameras apps

Open camera has no in-app purchases, no ads and completely free to use. This app includes a timer, support for some external microphones, HDR, exposure bracketing, dynamic range optimization, etc. 

Moreover, this android camera app comes with gesture controls, GPS tagging, and auto stabilization. This app also supports both standard and time-lapse video creation. It supports for external mics and as well as video resolution up to full HD. 


VSCO- best android camera apps

VSCO is an all-in-one camera apps for android and powerful camera app and photo editor combo. This app robust features like manually adjust ISO, white balance and exposure. 

You can even take part in photo challenges, photo community where you can share photos, and share tips.  

In addition, VSCO is the perfect app for photo enthusiasts who want to share content with others. 

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