The summer is all set to arrive, and by the month of April, it will make its way to the country. We all know that Indian summer is characterised by the typical hot weather conditions where the temperature escalates beyond 40`C in many places. These intense climatic conditions have compelled people to buy AC, and also to checkout my AC buying guide written below.

The electrical appliance that was once considered as a luxury has now become a necessity in many houses. It might appear that buying an AC is a simple task, but in reality, it isn’t. In general, most people ask two or three questions and comes to a decision that they have picked the correct AC. However, when you are selecting an air conditioning model, it is essential to gather every single detail about it. Therefore, our article is intending to cover all the detailed aspects so that you can buy the best AC in the summer of 2021.

Check the room size

The size of the room plays a very decisive role when it comes to the purchase of an AC. The capacity of any air conditioning system is measured in tonnage. If you don’t pick the suitable one for your room, then it will lead to loss of your finances. This problem can be solved if you are aware of the square footage of your room.

The rooms having a space of around 50-100 sq ft can easily go with a 1-ton capacity of AC. This mainly works well in small rooms meant for kids and guests. The extensive room areas covering 150-200 sq ft, can conveniently pick 1.5-ton capacity AC. Living rooms and master bedrooms are the best examples of such spaces. Now relatively large spaces can go for 2-ton capacity AC. Besides, the square footage, some other factors can be important for AC tonnage.

The rooms having higher ceilings, located on topmost floors and facing towards the Sun should prefer a slightly higher tonnage compared to the standard one.

Go for higher energy rating

BEE or the Bureau of Energy Efficiency sets standards for designating the star-ratings on different electrical appliances. Star-rating becomes compulsory mainly for heavy electronic products like Refrigerators, Air-conditioners, Geysers, Washing Machine, etc. The higher energy ratings are an indicator of less power consumption, but usually, it increases the price of the devices.

It is good to make a one-time investment in the product fetching the five stars to avoid high electricity bills. However, if the usage is limited to 3-5 hours of duration, a lower power rating with three stars can also be a good option, as it won’t make much difference in the electricity bills. You should consider the suggestions mentioned in the ac buying guide to know more.

Pick the AC Type

When it comes to the purchase of an AC, the type of model you pick is also important, for which you should have a AC buying guide. At present most users prefer to have the sleek and elegant Split model in their house. As the name suggests, it has two split components consisting of the indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit comes with a blower while the outdoor unit has the compressor and condenser. This fits very well in the personal spaces, though transferring these models becomes difficult.

If you are looking for an AC that adjusts well in a small compact room, then the traditional Window models are quite reliable. It comes with a single unit for installation and can be conveniently reallocated. Though it has is usual lackings like noisy operation and blocking the window. Another latest model that offers better mobility is Portable AC. In fact, these can be moved from one room to another. It becomes a good option for the ones living in rented houses.

Inverter AC technology is reliable

Most people have a fallacy regarding Inverter AC technology that these appliances also operate in home inverters when there is a power cut. However, this prevailing notion is entirely wrong. The compressors in regular ACs operates in full speed when the AC is switched on. As the temperature reaches the optimum, the compressor stops and the fan runs. This process consumes a lot of electricity.

On the contrary, Inverter technology allows the compressor to adjust in variable speed and maintain consistent cooling. It consumes much lesser power to maintain the ideal temperature in the room. When it comes to Inverter AC technology, it is very dependable and helps to save your electricity bill. Most of the Split AC models have Inverter technology, and now some Window AC models have also included this latest feature which you can see in the ac buying guide.

Look for the additional features in the AC buying guide

Every air conditioning system comes with some basic feature like temperature range, remote control, auto mode, that are common to all. Now with the technological advancements, you can expect some other smart features. Like dehumidifier, removes excess humidity to provide desirable cooling conditions. Noise control that helps in silent AC operation within 50 dB.

Self-cleaning that prevents dust, harmful particles and bacterial activities. Similarly, there is a list of other features like eco mode, auto start, self-diagnosis, sleep mode, timer and others. Buyers must also be aware of some model-specific features. In Window ACs, one should typically look for its noise operation. While in Portable AC, the hose pipe is an important feature.

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Decide your budget

A budget is primarily determined by the capital a buyer wants to invest in the AC model. However, we cannot forget that the price of an AC model is also affected by the factors mentioned above. When it comes to the purchase of this electrical appliance, we can easily imagine that customers will use it for a minimum period of 10 years. Therefore, this one-time investment should be made cleverly.

A smart buyer needs to assess all the factors and then narrow down his choices from the AC buying guide, to some selected models. We recommend to go for a good energy rating and Inverter based technology that will initially cost more, but ultimately, it will drag down the power consumption and save on electricity bills. If you are restricted with budget constrains then you can pick the one that offers a decent amalgamation of all the features within affordable price range.

The Final Words

We hope that the tips mentioned above will help you to become more cautious and aware when it comes to the purchase of the air conditioners. It is good to go for quality when it involves a one-time investment. Do all the fact-findings about your desired AC model and keep all the adequate monetary resources before making the final purchase. For further guidance, you can refer to this AC buying guide.